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  1. I use ACV (topically) during the day and differin before going to bed. Those two helped me so much especially ACV for controlling my seborrheic dermatitis. The problem with ACV is the smell and I don't want to smell like that when I'm out with my friends. So I was thinking of using ACV at night instead. My plan is to apply differin first and after around 10 mins, I'll apply ACV (I only apply ACV around my nose and cheeks area). So will that work? Won't it counteract with each other or cancel eac
  2. Whenever I eat/drink orange, my face turns red a bit. But as far as I can remember, I dont experience itching, etc. But I dont want to test it though, I have been off it for a looong time already I dont even remember when. That's good news! Does your vitamin C supplements also have citrus bioflavanoids in it? That's a relief! Good to hear that.. How many mg of citrus bioflavanoids does your vit C contain? And mind sharing the brand? Thanks again!
  3. Hey thank you for the replies! That made it clear for me. Ok I just went to our local health food store and checked every vitamin C supplements there. I couldn't find anything without citrus in it. It says ascorbic acid with rose hips and citrus bioflavonoids. There isn't just pure ascorbic acid or rose hips. Although I found one supplement with just 20mg of citrus in it. Will the 20mg citrus won't cause allergic reaction since it's just a small amount? (it was a 1000mg L-ascorbic acid by Kirk
  4. Hi nutrition experts! I need your help. I have been putting apple cider vinegar mixed with equal amount of water on my face now primarily for my seborrheic dermatitis. It has been working great. The problem is I'm too lazy to mix one every night. So can I just mix an equal amount of acv and water and put it in an air-tight container (good for 1-2 weeks)? Will it lose even a bit of effectiveness, main benefits, etc? That would be moooore convenient for me. TIA!
  5. Hi, sorry for the stupid question but I heard that synthetic Vitamin C's has some derivatives of the natural citrus fruits. The reason I'm concerned is because I think I'm allergic to citrus fruits. I was thinking of taking some Vitamin C supplements coz I have been getting colds lately. So can you also be allergic to Vitamin C supplements if you're allergic to natural citrus fruits (is that even possible)? Will it matter on the form of Vitamin C? (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, magnesium asc
  6. Hmm interesting.. Rheumatoid, arthritis, etc. is a symptom of an autoimmune disease (all of those has inflammation) and doctors often prescribe them immune suppressants. Hmm maybe that's why I get breakouts after taking pau d' arco? (known to have very strong effects on immune system).
  7. Well the vitamin D in oil form came form fish liver oil, cod liver, etc. But from what I read, there are other sources of vitamin D such as lanolin. Maybe that's what the GNC, Nature Made, etc. use to make their vitamin D tablets.(?)
  8. Hey... to go directly to the point, I dont get sun at all. Every weekdays I go to school, get my car in the garage and it's a 10mins drive and when I get there, I park at the basement of our school. Afterwards, I go straight home. Then when I go out with my friends to have a beer especially on weekends, it's obviously a night time. I searched the internet and basically it said that the greatest source of vitamin D is the sun. And others, which only has a few amounts due to conversion, are found
  9. Yes you might breakout if you stop taking zinc. It happened to me, I stopped zinc and I suddenly brokeout on my jawline area. Once I took zinc again, it fixed the problem.
  10. I always have success with cortisone shots, it really kills those acnes (knock on wood). But since acnes especially pustules/cysts have bacterias associated with it, what happens to those bacterias when you get the shot? considering cortisone shots just kills the inflammation and has no anti-bacteria(?). Does it spread elsewhere or it also subsides? tnx!
  11. Thanks for the quick response LiliVG! Ok this leads me to another question. I read your post from another thread that common cause of food allergies is low levels of HCL in the body. So let's say for example Im allergic to fish and I get itchy and get acnes from that as well. So if I supplement with HCL and the allergies I get from the fish is gone, is it really cured or am I just masking the symptoms? Like can I still get acnes from eating fish even though I dont get itchy anymore? I hope you
  12. Hi, Im really not sure if Im allergic to certain foods coz I've never experienced some serious symptoms. But sometimes portions of my face suddenly gets red and itchy! I doubt it's something topically coz I dont even apply one to my face nor the rest of my body. So Im guessing it's something from what I ate BUT it confuses me coz my face is the only part that is itchy! So is it possible if you're allergic to some foods it could only show up on the face?
  13. Hi LiliVG! I have a question and Im sorry if this has been asked before. Im planning to try the omega 3-6-9 diet posted by NdnRomeo, specifically this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...574&st=2820 So my question is, how would doing that regimen affect fructose and taurine? Will it contradict or some sort? Will it help increase taurine and decrease fructose? Will you even recommend doing that regimen while doing yours? lol sorry Im so noob at this! thanks!!!