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  1. It's only sold in the States. Eucerin doesn't sell any of the Redness Relief products in Canada. Pick some up at CVS, Rite Aid, etc next time you are down south.
  2. Even better, try that Aloe baby oil gel from Johnson and Johnson...dirt cheap and it certainly locks in moisture and mineral oil, like petrolatum (vaseline), is not comedogenic!
  3. Alba Organics (Unscented) Very Emollient Body Lotion....dries easily, non comedogenic, no fragrance added (always a plus!) That or for cheaper budgets, Eucerin Daily Replenishing - fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, dries easily....make sure it is the Daily Replenishing one! The others are nasty esp the Eucerin Original Lotion....beurk. This all applies if you are in the States. If you are in Canada or the UK, let me know and I will think of some close substitutes. Both of these come in lar
  4. A) Lots of guys tan as well. Nothing feminine or exclusive about going tanning. Let's not assume only women use tanning to control acne -- a lot of dudes, myself included, have resorted to this at one point or another during our lives. Dunno about where you live but where I come from men taking care of their appearances is normal and expected. No Nascar white trash mullet looks allowed. B) It's equally bad for both girls and guys to use tanning as a method of acne control. This isn't a persona
  5. I had several large cysts and tonnes of smaller whiteheads that never seemed to come to a head. Any bodywash or soap with a fragrance seemed to make my back turn red and aggravate the existing acne -- that's why I think a key element is fragrance-free or non-irritating body wash or soap. The lactic acid in Lac Hydrin and Am Lactin exfoliates and clears away the dead skin which was enough to control my bacne. If that doesn't work, I would add some BP to the mix -- basically the DK regimen (gen
  6. Just figured I would chime in and let others know what has helped my bacne and when I say helped, I mean totally eliminated it. I am providing two product lists....one for Canadians and one for Americans since I move regularly between both countries and am aware that product availability is somewhat different in the two areas. US Products -- Body wash: I use either Whole Foods Brand (365 Brand) fragrance-free soap OR fragrance-free bodywash......Dove sensitive also works but not as well as it
  7. I apply this on top of another product, Prosacea, which is intended for rosacea but actually is just a clear aloe-based sulfur creme that has done wonders for my acne in addition to the Neutrogena Acne Stress control. If you haven't tried this product yet, some CVS stores are giving out free samples (usually near the front of the store) so check it out.
  8. Melatonin has worked wonders for me.....benadryl and other over the counter sleep aids (which are all basically the same chemically as Benadryl) have not helped at all
  9. Healthoid you are probably the same type nutbag who thinks that humans need to get colonics and carry impacted crap in their bowels, another urban legend. Not everything we use is ideal but LabGirl is right, there is a level of safety testing conducted and we are not going to die from using topicals nor will we contact cancer therefrom. Please place the tin foil hat back on and resume waiting for the hippie solar burlap revolution while washing yourself with 'natural' spring water and Dr. Bro
  10. Or you go to a dermo, come home with a tube of something (in my case Differin) and end up worse off than you started! All it takes is research, careful shopping, and patience. Sometimes it's the simple products that in the end win out...nothing is accomplished in a day after all.
  11. I have been a longtime lurker and brief member of the .org but I wanted to mention that Diacneal from Avene has helped me to eliminate not just some but all of my closed comedones and has even succeeded in reducing that nasty oily sheen I have had on my face for months. The advice from Lion Queen and Snow Queen and Brandy has been invaluable...I tried product after product without success and finally decided I would just follow what the forum mods and longtime members were saying and see what h
  12. I tried the cleanser and I have the following things to say about it: a) It leaves a nasty film b) It caused me to develop small whiteheads c) It is not better than Johnsons Head to Toe Baby Wash or Olay Gentle Foaming Cleanser all of which are far cheaper here in Canadia Conclusion: I use Diacneal as well and find it to be a great product but the rest of Avene's products don't live up to the standard Diacneal has set. They put fragrance in their moisturizers which also contain comedog
  13. Horrid. I bought it by mistake instead of my usual Green Spectro and it was fragrance free which was nice but it removed nothing and basically felt like Cetaphil which I cannot stand. If you have dry sensitive skin this may be an answer for you though.
  14. Oxy makes one, Spectro Acne Care (same people as Spectro Jel) and so does Panoxyl. They are all available at Shoppers Drug Mart and whatever other pharmacies you guys have out west (in Quebec it's Uniprix, Jean-Coutu, and Pharmaprix which is the same as Shoppers) Panoxyl has caused redness for a lot of people here so beware. I have never seen Neutrogena on The Spot anywhere in Canada but Ontario so try one of the above...the Oxy is the cheapest and works well if you cannot order Dan's BP from