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  1. This is what I'm trying to do - just to live my life regardless. I'm accepting that I may never even have clear skin. And even if I did clear up completely, I have some scars and I don't feel comfortable with my face. I've always felt ashamed and even apologetic when people are looking at my face. I'm also self-conscious about my features, though I wasn't when my skin was clear. I think acne has made me kinda dysmorphic. I've decided enough is enough on that, like many of you here. Why shoul
  2. I had typical teenage acne, then a few blissful clear years in my late teens, early 20s, before my acne came back. Since then I've done two rounds of Roaccutane and am considering my third. I always just believed it would go away on it's own, and it's devastating to think that it won't. What's more, after my first round of Roaccutane my skin was *perfect*. But after the second one (it took me years to get a doctor who would even do it private) it just doesn't look the same. I was so naïve
  3. I feel for all of you guys. It's especially hard when you try to convince yourself that maybe no-one really does notice your skin, and it *is* worse in your head, then someone points it out. Happened to me the other day when my three year old niece said 'why have you got lots of red spots on your cheek?' and I could have cried. I remember my baby sister asking me the same thing about 15 years ago. Why do we have to go through this? Stay strong.
  4. I definitely agree with this, big picture, but I actually think expressing these kind of thoughts and feelings can be part of the process of accepting our situation. Anger is part of the process of acceptance. As acne sufferers I think we've all had to push our anger down and just struggle on, and look for hope in the next remedy or solution and it's exhausting. Ive had the very same kind of thoughts as the OP and having a safe place to express them is a big part of being able to move thro
  5. I've had this thought before. And like you, unspecified, my siblings have great skin. I have three sisters who've never even had to think about their skin. Completely clear - never worn makeup. How can we have come from the same genepool? I'd do anything to trade.
  6. Yes! This! I feel exactly the same. I wish I'd taken Accutane sooner. I actually took it twice, but with too long a delay in between. I struggled to find a derm to prescribe it to me privately and gave up a couple of times, after the NHS (I'm in the UK) didn't deem my acne severe enough. I wish I'd taken it two/three times as a teenager. I, also bought into the idea that I'd grow out of it eventually, and didn't think it was scarring. I didn't and it was. I feel so let down by the GPs, t