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  1. I recently tried La Roche Posay's Toleriane Fluide, since it is like the simplest of ingredients. Turned out to be an epic fail. Their second ingredient is Squalane, which is way too much to be tolerated by acne-prone people. After looking through forums and reviews, it seems like a lot of people broke out from this as well. They all seem to have problems with Squalane. It did feel good and absorb fully, and I really wished it wasn't that, but I had no active acne prior to using it. Tricky thin
  2. You have a lot to learn my friend... Learn as much as you can by going on good sites like curezone, and search on google as much as you can. It will take a lot of research to realize what your problem is. I went from thinking I had liver problems, then to bowel, then kidney, then I realized all of them need to be issued, and now finally realize I have Candida issues. But anyway back to the salt water flush (SWF). Salt water flush is just a process of elimination, it is of no means a way to cure
  3. This is very interesting information. However Ray's blog site doesn't really show a regimen... he just explains about the steps, but the link to "How to get started Now on step .." doesn't work... where did you see the steps crevin?
  4. I was wondering about this too. If I can treat acne internally, but external materials can clog pores and create acne as well, then we have to be aware of both sides. Some people don't get acne as a symptom from their diet. Those people probably won't even get acne if you rub bacon fat all over their face. That means they will have other issues not concerning acne. But for us, I think we must becareful both internally and externally. Maintain your healthy diet, but if your cosmetics are breaki
  5. I'm looking for a paraben-free, fragance-free, oil-free, toxic-free natural tinted moisturizer. I check at http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com for toxic levels of products... but I can't seem to find a nice one that I can find somewhere at like Sephora. I was hoping to just go with a tinted moisturizer or a foundation only... i think powder will look really obvious that i'm wearing make up
  6. I'm all about healing acne internally... But as we are cleansing and avoiding certain foods that may aggrevate acne, I am also aware that external application does indeed affect our skin. What I don't understand is that if I am to heal my acne by fixing the internal problems, why is it that external application always do affect my skin? For example: I eat a big mac, next day I breakout. That would be an internal force. But If I were to apply an oil or some sort, say, jojoba oil (which just brok
  7. Hey, Ah i almost did a liver flush without doing all that first.... well I need to get my bowels moving as well, i am most likely constipated to some degree. 4 Total Cleanse is supposed to get your bowels moving... only thing i dislike is that it is a gelatin pill...i think i break out when i consume gelatin. anyway i checked out the site www.herbdoc.com, i didn't really like that warning about not being approved by anything...did you purchase the 5 day detox bowel one for $60? kind of expe
  8. did you mean you were juice fasting? Or are you eating and adding this to your diet?
  9. Yeah I know what you mean. I just went out with some friends and it was killing me just watching them eat.. I'll try the oranges, and i'm not afraid of breaking out... I know for sure that fasting is beneficial for the body so how often will you fast now?
  10. I'm not sure if the Cod liver oil breaks me out, but it totally makes my skin greasy and oily... I really want a good substitute for this good oil...
  11. So it is likely that they would have some serious health issues in other organs for the people without acne, correct? That is what I want to believe, but then you see people in their 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and up that are eating this garbage but have no problems in their health.. I don't know if I agree for being thankful to acne. It has caused so much psychological effects, and ruined so many opportunities in life, though I must say it has helped me grow as a person to endure such a pain and
  12. Fasting is harder than I thought lol. I keep getting tempted by food... so I keep saying oh well i'll start tomorrow. But seriously I'm starting for real tomorrow I find it really hard to get enough juice from the fruits though. I'd have to grind up like 4 apples to get enough juice for like half a glass... where 4 organic apples would cost like $6 or more it's costing a lot... have you just used normal non-organic oranges? I'm afraid oranges might break me out
  13. Hey Drainer15, I just recently came back from a long vacation over-seas in Asia. Now Germany will most likely carry anything you would need. You'll just need to find the right places. I would suggest to research a bit on if your vitamin websites will ship to Germany. Or, what I've done is to buy an approximate amount before hand and taking whatever I needed with me. In Asia I had a very hard time finding what I needed, since everything was different and I didn't know where to get anything. But