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  1. So I am in the middle of my second month and I have been managing my dry skin side effects pretty well until the past couple of day. My lips have gone beyond getting dry and cracking. They are now at the point where they have become raw. If there is any area with dry skin that peels off, it instantly starts to bleed. It's not the normal dry and crack kind of bleeding. I used to be able to peel the dead skin off without a problem and even exfoliate my lips but now if I do anything, they bleed.
  2. *Warning - I will not be shy about the side effects. Take it or leave it. 23 y/o Female. Just completed my first month on Accutane (Claravis) 40mg. First image is a "before" image. Week 1: Progress: 1 or 2 new pimples - shocked I was already seeing improvements. Side Effects: Dry Lips and hands, bright yellow urine, irregular bowel movements (no pain). Week 2: Progress: Less white heads but more blackheads on the nose and corner chin areas. Healing after picking at the skin SUCKS - forcing mys
  3. *This week I mainly experienced more/new side effects rather than a change in my acne. Acne Results: Don't see much of an acne change from last week. I got one or two on my shoulders and another on my left cheek but nothing too bad. Side Effects: In addition to previous side effects I've mentioned, my scalp became super dry and I have dandruff like crazy. I didn't think I scratched my head that hard but i started bleeding (photo). The inside of my nose has become super dry and there is alwa
  4. I'm late on this post... oops! Acne Results: I am definitely noticing less acne. I am still getting pimples here and there ( a deep one on my back, one or two on my chest) but nothing like I used too. My biggest problem area is my left cheek where I am still getting them but again, not at bad. My anxiety still gets to me so I will pick at my acne or the scabs after the acne and it makes that area a lot worse. I have also noticed a more black heads on my nose and chin area but not super notice
  5. Bexxs

    Day 9 - July 31

    I have found that humidity change really messes with my skin. Going from Colorado (where I live now) with dry weather to Chicago (where I'm from) with very humid weather, I break out so much. Doesn't matter if I go dry to humid or visa versa, I still break out. Sucks! Best of luck!
  6. Again…some of this might be TMI but I want to be honest and up front about my experience. Day 1-3: No new acne! It was an INCREDIBLE feeling to wake up and run my hands over my face and not feel any new bumps or pimples. To me, that was a HUGE step forward and I was super excited. My hands were the first to become dry, especially my knuckles (but that’s normal for me in the winter). I experienced some restlessness these first 3 nights but nothing that Melatonin didn’t help with and now I
  7. This is an honest "blog" about trying Accutane/Isotretinoin and everything that comes with it (and I mean everything). Before taking this medication, I talked to so many people about it and what they thought and only one friend I talked to out of the few who have taken it, gave me the down and dirty details of her experience and THAT is what I wanted to know. Yes, the pregnancy shit is scary with how much they stress about it but I wanted to know the everyday experience of taking it because let'