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  1. Okay great, I've ordered the tea tree water now and will continue to use the salicylic acid until it arrives! Today I'm back to having painful bloating. I think it's mainly due to eating lots of fiber, but I also can't help but wonder if it's candida, SIBO or parasites as well... But I just CAN'T go back to the starvation diet I was on, I just can't. I even experienced bloating when I was on that diet and it was when I had eaten lots of "bloating-causing-foods" such as broccoli, appl
  2. I've read online that salicylic acid would be beneficial for fungal acne, and it seems to be working for me. But I guess I could use something else. Would witch hazel be fine? I have a bottle of it at home already. Otherwise I guess I could order that tea tree water I talked about before...
  3. Okay, no worries. It's still confusing to me though because some websites say, for instance, that legumes are high in histamines, and then some websites say that black beans, lentils and garbanzo beans (which are pretty much the only legumes I eat anyway) are low in histamine. I also found one website that beans contains anti-histamines, lol. It seems like soy and green peas are the "bad" legumes but one websites say that chickpeas are also bad which is contradicting to some other sites. So
  4. I thought I don’t have candida. I was talking about malassezia. Do you mean that if I eat high histamine foods during pollen season I might never be able to tolerate them regardless of what season it is? Also, last summer I ate high histamine foods without any breathing problems whatsoever At least as far as I can remember. I usually only have problems with pollen during spring, not in the summer.
  5. I've heard that if you're without gluten for too long you can react badly to it once you start eating it again. I don't want to develop intolerance to gluten. Not that I'm going to eat much gluten or anything, but I already have allergies etc so I don't want to be intolerant to more stuff. Do you think nutritional yeast is bad to eat if you have malassezia? I had some on my dinner and it started to itch a little now, around 1-2 hours after. There were also tomato puree and black beans in my
  6. Thanks for your reply Aussie Scientist. I'm sorry if I'm annoying with all my questions, but I'm a bit confused with the low histamine diet. For instance, some websites say that pineapple should be avoided, and other websites say that bromelain in pineapples is a good anti-histamine. I've also heard that MSM can relieve allergies. Do you know anything about it? Also, will I ever be able to eat gluten again? I'm not gonna eat it every day but I'm thinking if I eat at a restaurant
  7. I have pretty much given up getting any help from a doctor. I went to the doctor today for my nasal congestion and he told me he can't send me to check it up before I've tried a nose spray. They just want to treat symptoms and not the cause it seems like. It's almost impossible to get a test done besides blood tests. Yeah, multivitamins can have different ratios of different vitamins, and if someone already eat a lot of B3 for instance, they don't need a multivitamin with a high B3 content.
  8. Thanks for your message! I have never been outside of Europe but many people in my country travel to Asia, so I guess that by using the same bathroom as someone else might spread parasites even though I'm a germaphobe so I'm careful with my hygiene. Seems like Albendazole isn't available in my area though. I've also heard about the connection between B12 and acne, which is why I got deficient in the first place - I ate plant based but I barely ate any supplements of B12 because I was scare
  9. Okay, I just noticed now that it also contains polysorbates which I heard is not good for malassezia, but maybe it's still okay to use? I also read some reviews that some people get more pimples from using the cream. Last night I woke up shortly after falling asleep because I couldn't breathe! I'm not sure why but it terrified me. I didn't take Claritin yesterday so it might have been due to pollen because my nose and ears felt congested/stuffed. But I've also been SUPER anxious these past
  10. The only cream I can find with azaleic acid is the one from The Ordinary, but it contains dimethicone which I guess is not good for acne? Otherwise there doesn't seem to be any in my area and price range... Update for my personal log I've started eating legumes again and it feels SOO liberating!! I finally feel alive again now that I get more calories in and can eat TASTY food. I'm scared that the acne will come back though so in the meantime I'll still be gluten and dairy free. I'll t
  11. Thanks for your answers. I have only been applying the Lamisil for 2 days now, I used Canesten before that but I ran out of the Canesten so now I'm using Lamisil. I mean, my skin is better but I have gotten a pimple on my jaw but it might be period related.
  12. Aussie Scientist I have a few questions regarding your regimen 1. How long do you think it will take to beat the malassezia? 2. Is there anything I can do for my scalp besides using anti-dandruff shampoo? I mean something that makes it less dry. Preferably some natural remedy... 3. Can I use something ON TOP of the anti-fungal creams that does not contain oils, just for extra moisture. Or will it ruin the effect of the creams? I find that Lamisil in particular is a very dry cream
  13. The reason why I said I don't know is because I don't know how to differentiate dandruff and "just a dry scalp" because I've heard that people can have a dry scalp without having dandruff. Great to hear that it's not candida! Haha. I do think I have some bacterial overgrowth though because of my bloating problems But that's another issue. I will follow your regimen.
  14. Thanks for the tip! I got diagnosed with dandruff today btw. The doctor said I will have to use dandruff shampoos for the rest of my life. Lol, it sounded so extreme I don't know if it's true that I will have to use it for THAT long. I mean sure, I guess I have to use it for a period of time a few times in my life, but not like EVERY SINGLE TIME I wash my hair for the rest of my life? Update for my personal log Today I've been so bloated with painful bloating. At the café I dran
  15. Okay, the air I can't control because there's pollen outside. Will try the diet later on. I wanna pop some small stuff on my face. IF it's fungal acne, will it get worse if I pop the zits? Or better? I'd be using a clean tool. Update for my personal log Today I started eating oatmeal made from regular oats again instead of oat bran. There were only small packets of oat bran available at the store so I had to get 2/week while one packet of oats lasts me for 2 weeks. We'll se