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  1. I also forgot to mention that I made my own ACV toner which I started using around 5 days ago, around the same time I started taking B5. And, since starting taking B5 and using the ACV toner... I've barely got any new acne at all. I've only noticed 3 TINY bumps. 2 of them are barely even red. I also got one on my back and one near the scalp on my neck which are both a little bit bigger than the ones on my face. But, this week I've been eating some dairy ice cream so that might explain it. I also
  2. I stopped using MSM at the end of May because I ran out of it and didn't buy any new. My skin has been pretty good despite that though. Even though I ate some sugar, dairy and gluten it still looked fine! It only got a bit worse right before my period but as soon as my period started it became good again. Since yesterday, I have started taking 500 mg of vitamin B5. I've heard so many great things about it and I haven't tried it so I really wanted to try it to get rid of the last bit of acne.
  3. Thought it might be time to update since my skin is pretty good now. What I have been doing since last time I updated here: I have NOT been consistent in avoiding gluten. I don't eat a lot of gluten at all, but I definitely don't avoid it completely. I also have been eating some dairy, but still, I don't eat a lot of dairy. My diet is still mainly whole foods plant based. However, I'm no longer eating bananas on the regular. Some days I have 0 bananas, and some days I have 1. It's easi
  4. I've started getting a little bit of more bumps again on my cheeks... I don't know if it's because I've started eating 2 bananas a day again to gain weight. I've also been eating some gluten. I'm gonna try to cut it down to 1 banana a day to begin with. Edit: I definitely think I'm gonna try my best to cut down on gluten as well, as I have noticed that my skin feels kind of itchy after eating it? It doesn't every time though so it might just be in my head. I don't know.
  5. I finished taking it a couple of weeks ago but now I'm breaking out a little bit again. I'm on my period though and I have been eating some junk and been anxious after finishing the cleanse lol... It was called ParaPro by Organic Olivia. But like, I was not feeling good mentally while taking it so that could also be why I still have some acne. It helped A LOT with my gut issues.
  6. 4th week after starting the supplement. I have some small bumps but it's really NOT a lot! My mom told me that it looks as if my skin is completely clear.
  7. It has been 3 weeks since I started taking the supplement I mentioned in my last post. This week, my skin has looked clearer than it has ever looked in all my years of having acne!!!!!! Even the CCs are vanishing. And still, I've been kinda heartbroken and not been feeling well mentally these past weeks but my skin is still really clear.
  8. I have started taking a supplement that works against candida as well as parasites and bad bacteria in the gut. I've only been taking it for a week, and I have many weeks to go. It's gonna be interesting to see how it works. After I started taking it, I started getting some small bumps on my forehead, and according to face mapping, pimples on the forehead comes from the intestines and when the microorganisms they they can release toxins. I felt like crap the first few days so it makes sense. But
  9. Today I feel like I can count the amount of pimples on my face on only two hands, ONCE. However, I haven't worn a lot of makeup lately since I've been at home studying for exams. I also haven't washed my face every morning. If I wash my face in the morning, I only use lukewarm water, but lately I've just moisturized without adding water first. So, my skincare routine has been quite minimal. I was actually ready to quit using Differin though because I started to see no difference anymore (both in
  10. My left cheek is almost completely clear atm. My right cheek only has a few, small breakouts and then I have like 1 big and one small pimple on my chin. I got off my period a few days ago, but I also haven't been eating lots of legumes in the past week. So, I don't really know if the clearance is due to hormonal changes or diet changes... Or both? I love legumes though and wanna eat plant based so it would be a bummer if legumes were to cause breakouts for me.
  11. I feel like my skin looks good one week, and worse the next week. I'm getting my period soon though so that could be the reason now. I also don't know if I still get purges from Differin. I think I take too low doses of zinc for it to help my skin. I have eaten gluten free for almost a month now again. It doesn't help my skin that much though. I mean, my skin is pretty clear... I'd say to 85-90% maybe. But it's obviously still annoying that it isn't a 100% clear.
  12. My skin has looked quite good since yesterday. One adjustment I've made this week is that I've been taking zinc supplements every day. I don't take the entire capsule though, I just sprinkle like half of it on my food. Edit: I also switched brands of probiotics this week which may have caused the improvement to my skin.
  13. Differin has really helped me with the texture of my skin. It now feels pretty smooth when I wash it. Before Differin, it felt like sandpaper. It's still not perfect, but it's definitely improved and that makes me happy. I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation though which makes me insecure... But because the texture is better it's more fun to do my makeup when I have a better "canvas" and I feel more beautiful when I'm wearing makeup opposed to when I had tons of closed comedones or whatever th
  14. I have realized that I don't have THAT much acne. Most of the "problems" I'm seeing is hyperpigmentation as well as tiny, closed comedones. I don't know if the CC's are caused by my dry skin. However, I've started using Differin now every other evening, along with a really moisturizing cream (that I'm pretty sure should be malassezia approved).
  15. I'm suspecting that my skin might be sensitive to witch hazel. I mean, it's a possible cause. I started using it as a toner last year and when I started this thread, I had stopped using it and only used a salicylic acid toner instead. The new face cream I bought contains some witch hazel. My skin is not that great again. 2 days ago, I sprayed witch hazel on my face, and a couple of hours later it started to itch. I've ordered a new face cream which should me malassezia approved, and I'll st