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  1. so why do you take both fish oil and cod liver oil? whats the big difference?
  2. dont eat them if they taste bad lol.. theres other "healthy" foods out there to eat, so dont make eating healthy seem like work
  3. pcpwns

    The Lab

    so how is your acne romeo?
  4. pcpwns

    Paco's Log

    Your diet includes potatoes? I'm not sure if potatoes are the best thing to eat. They are incredibly high in carbohydrates and pretty much like bread.
  5. Stay away, potatoes are just as bad as bread
  6. thanks for your input! any other opinions?
  7. Whats the best form to take for acne?
  8. Whats the best form of Zinc? I am undecided between gluconate and picolinate or maybe neither of those are the best. Thanks!
  9. just wondering, wouldn't it be bad to ingest silver?
  10. definately put this in the nutrition and holistic forum for more answers. the other holistic forum lol
  11. peroxide is used to bleach things white.
  12. It was Vitamin shoppe colostrum 500 mg - 1 pill a day. not sure about the Igg percent. the more of that, the more pricy. oh and not sure about immunoglobulin levels either.
  13. i read somewhere that someone taking colostrum for 2 weeks cleared them. i have some and started using it a month ago but someone said it was full of hormones. it has yet to be used.