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  1. For whatever reason, my work out sweat seems to help matters. Quite the mystery.
  2. Jealousy has never really been that big of a deal for me. While I do get jealous sometimes about people making more money than me or somebody marrying my ex girlfriend...it doesn't consume my being though. Just being stuck in a state of depressing jealousy is no way to go through life. I think jealousy is only natural and can actually be a good thing and motivate you to some new goals in life, you just can't get obcessed with being the absolute best at everything. Just do the best to your ab
  3. going away party for a friend. Moving all the way across the country, so I better make the most of this night. Sadly my ex girlfriend is coming with her fiancee, bad times. and what's even worse is that he's not a total jerk, so I hate him for no reason other than he's with the girl I want to be with. People who say it's better to of loved and lost than never loved at all are idiots.
  4. From one educator to another... You should be fired, lose your certification and be thrown in jail. You are a loser. Taking advantage of a student is not cool and against the law. Perhaps you missed the part where I said I would never date a student. There's been no taking advantage of. Did you even read it? I'm not going to date her or do anything at all with her except talk to her when she needs somebody to talk to. I can say that I perhaps need to set some things straight with
  5. The stfu is serious business. Made HBK tap out.
  6. Well Im 23 and she's 15 and that's not legal here. But I'd never want to date a student even if I'm not technically her teacher, let alone one that can't even drive or get into a Rated-R movie yet. But in all honesty, I do feel connected with her. and that sounds really bad.
  7. Well it's not anything I did exactly Magic Dust, just more like something I didn't do. Now to start off with, all the girls I've ever been interested in have always been around my same age so don't go setting off the perv alarm on me. So a girl kissed me last night...sounds all well and good, but she's 15 and I'm a sub at the school where she goes. We had talked before all this, she's had some problems at home, similar to the stuff I've went through in my life. So I was a little closer to he
  8. oh yeah, you have to avoid car mirrors. I looked at myself in one back when my acne was dreadful...needless to say, I didn't leave the house for a week after that.
  9. I'd give myself an 8/10. My facial acne has cleared up thankfully, so that's where I'm at. A cute but nothing amazing face, but i'll take it.
  10. I just go with good ol fashion sluts. It's got all the fun of being with a hooker and not having to pay for it. oh yeah! Yes there's nothing like being one of the hundreds in a revolving door at slut central...
  11. Some guys don't pick up on hints very well. Like me for example. I had no idea that this girl liked me but all her friends were babbling on to me about how much she liked me and stares at me in class all the time. I guess I never really thought about it because she was just like 14 and I'm 23, but looking back at it all, it was kind of obvious...just not at the time. Anywho, if you don't tell this guy how you feel than you'll just keep feeling this same way so just get it over with. You'll
  12. Perhaps the school was having Budget problems and just can't afford to keep you around. One school district in my state had to lay off 60 teachers. and they did this straight up in the middle of the year. Sometimes it's nothing you did or didn't do, it's just a budget issue. Thankfully you've got some time to look around, these people were just informed that they won't be coming back on Monday.
  13. I just don't judge people, I just go with the flow. If things don't work out well then the girl obviously wasn't the one for me and I just move on. Yeah it sucks and hurts sometimes but that's part of life. I think pretty much everybody has experienced this in some way, maybe not exactly but pretty close. The more I think about my situation, it doesn't matter why she went cold on me, the fact is she did and it's over now so no since on wasting time on something that I can't change and now I
  14. oh yeah I've talked to this kid before, not about the acne but just in general crap like lifting weights and just shooting the breeze. I don't know about throwing out websites to the kids though. I've written some crap about myself on here that I don't want any of them knowing. Like that I used to suffer from a rabid case of bacne and have Bi-polar disorder