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  1. i have pretty mild acne, i get a whitehead every few days, but every treatment ive tried to keep it under control makes my skin get red. i have verrrrry very sensitive skin, both bp and sa make me look like i have a sunburn. right now i am just cleansing twice a day and applying my derm's antibiotic moisturizer (which apparently helps with rosacea, so i'm thinking it can't make me red). what would you guys suggest i do? i feel like i'm not using enough to prevent my skin from breaking out, but e
  2. So is the general consensus that it's okay and healthy for males to take this? Is there any evidence to show otherwise?
  3. Do you think it would be okay to apply emu and jojoba oil to my face at the same time? Or maybe to alternate between nights? It seems like both oils have different benefits.
  4. So recently I started applying jojoba oil at night and I have found it nicely moisturizes my skin and improves the overall look of my skin in the morning. I've only used it for about a week, but my red marks are starting to fade a little and have noticed I am getting less acne than usual. My question is, do you think emu oil is more effective in treating red marks than jojoba? Also, would it be possible to mix the two oils and apply them together to my face at night? I have read that they have d
  5. I started the DKR on Wednesday and my face is already appearing a bit red and generally feels uncomfortable. I have followed the regimen precisely -- in the morning and night I use Dan's cleanser, 1/3rd of a finger of Dan's BP and moisturize with Cetaphil. Is this normal? My face burns a little for a few hours after I apply the BP and it seems like my facial redness is getting more noticable every day. How long does this generally last for before starting to subside? And would it be a good idea
  6. So I have sort of a random question. I have recently started the regimen, but have run into a minor problem. I have sort of long hair that covers my forehead, so I have avoided using BP on my forehead twice a day thus far as I heard it can bleach or lighten hair. At night I put on a headband to pull my hair back so that I can apply BP to my forehead without my hair touching this, but I can't do it during the morning because I don't have time and can't walk around all day with a headband because
  7. I just started the regimen a couple days ago and my acne has slowly started fading, but I have noticed my red marks are becoming more apparent. I've read on here that a moisturizer with AHA is good for fading red marks, but I don't want to be too harsh with my skin at this point. Right now I am just using Cetaphil moisturizer -- should I wait a week or two before changing moisturizers as to not irritate my skin? Can someone recommend a good moisturizer that will hydrate my skin and help with