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  1. yeah, i know what ur saying but its not magic, its like you might still have acne but you completely stop getting more (which is the magic) so you'll prob have to deal with what you have. sorry... but what other acne meds. can guarantee that you'll stop having acne? stay strong through this part because it gets really good later!! ohh by the way, where in WI are you from? i live in MN but i go to Stout in menomonie
  2. hey elizabeth, im just finishing up with my accutane and i still have some minor red marks. I know what ur saying when ur talking about that it looks like ur broken out even though u arent.. but accutane slows the healing process because it basically stops oil production, and oil helps heal ur skin.. what has worked for me to get rid of the marks is to exercise, drink lots of water, vitamin E, fish oil, and i just started using scar cream which helps alot to fade the red marks i found out (m
  3. -DAY 16- Notes: so i havent posted in awhile and i thnk ill just do it once a week or so.. so im REALLY HAPPY WITH MY SKIN!!!!! my skin is almost completely clear including aftermath red marks... AND my skin is oil free!! which is almost as good as not having acne.. but im having both so im excited!! so im pretty sure that accutane is the cause of me having no oil but i dont think its the cause of me having no acne.. it might be because im exercising alot more but wow no acne.. red marks have
  4. -DAY 10- Notes: Im getting REALLY HAPPY! my skin is clearing up a little bit but thats not why im soo happy. My skin's oil production is slowing down sooo much! By the end of the day (without blotting my skin) i have a small shine around the T-zone but if a take a step back from the mirror you can hardly even see any shine! while living with oily skin for soo long, im so grateful and it feels so fulfilling.. Now finishing up my acne, which really isnt that bad, i had a little breakout a bit a
  5. -DAY 9- Notes: So i havent had any dry skin but my skin was starting to get red so i havent put that much lotion on but i did during the day and last night and my skin is no longer red. So more lotion for me form now on. Most of my inflamation has gone down (probably due to more lotion) and I have less whiteheads today. I can now say my oily skin has produced less oil, not a huge amount but its very noticeable to me that i have less oil at the end of the day and it doesnt produce oil as fast
  6. -DAY 8- Notes: I believe the tanes kickin' in, i have a bunch of whiteheads and small inflammed spots (after a day or 2 come up). So i think my IB has started cause my pimples arent that big but they're all over the place. I think my oily skin has slowed down. My face still looks like its a lil sunburn and after i get out of the shower its pretty red. Ohh my lips havent been dry yet but last night when i got out of the shower my bottom lip was losing its top layer but i still dont have dry li
  7. the rule of thumb for daily water is... your body weight divide that by 2 and divide that by 10.. so im 160 lbs. /2 =80 then /10 =8 so i need to drink 8 glasses a day i drink around 6 glasses and i have like 2-3 glasses of grape juice and 1 glassess of V8 and orange juice
  8. I read something interesting today.. for everyone who is taking Flax or fish oil pills... "Suppression of immune and inflammation responses, and consequently, to decreased resistance to infections and increased susceptibility to opportunistic bacteria" -Food and Drug Administration so you might have less of a inflamed pimple but the bacteria in the pimple can thrive more... this is funny, even vitamins have side effects.. But you still need Omega 3 in your diet but im kind of at a cross roa
  9. Hey J, Well i was reading through this and i have some good suggestions that might help. Vitamins- get a multivitamin for regular health and grape and fish oil helps Blackheads- MD formulations problem skin cleanser works great for blackheads! Oily skin- there is actually no way to stop oil production but you can control it, i would read up on that for women(except accutane) Eating healtier doesnt have a direct influence on your skin but overall health is important, anyways you want to pick up
  10. Sounds great that everything is going well! I think everyone with acne loves hearing GOOD comments about their skin, the comment really goes deep to the heart. I just hate it when people say your skin isnt bad when it is and you can tell their being insincere. i also have the Curel ultra healling lotion but i didnt like it for the same reason so im using Aveeno lotion which has no greasy effects. About your cholesterol, i dont know how active you are but i would do some aerobics for 20min every
  11. -DAY 6- Notes: I have started looking like i am a little sunburn, its not that bad, its better than being pale. I thought i was getting my IB but today looks better. I still have to annoying inflamed spots that arent coming out. But no new pimples My Face : - now 0 cyst (maybe ones coming) - now 2 inflamed (one big one)- they wont go in or come out - when i wake up i have some whiteheads (easy to get rid of) - red spots lightened up a bit but still have - still oily skin Side Effects: - f
  12. -DAY 4- Notes: I had some white flakes but that all went away at a shower. Some of my red marks have lightened alot, so thats awesome but i doubt its the tane. No dry lips or dry face yet. The weird thing; like a week before i started the tane my acne changed from like a regular kind (that forms quick) to inflamed pimples that take awhile to come out and even longer to leave (but there not all cysts) so thats weird and the only think that i can think of that has changed is i stopped the minoc
  13. thanks for the post! yea i think im a day behind you. Thats how im look at my accutane too, even tho i still have acne i dont care, im gitty when i think im basically guarenteed clear skin. hope the date goes well! ohh and if you ice it the swelling goes down a little but you should something warm that has the chance to kill it, but if its tomm. i would ice it. Good luck!
  14. its nice to hear that theres more people like me! its really does suck how much acne controls your life and how you go about your daily life. I have so many little quarks that i do due to acne and now i see that there is soo many other poeple doing the same stuff! im only on day 4 but im flaking a little bit and my face seems a little more flush but nothing big. Thanks for the heads up on moisturizer, i picked up a bunch of stuff when i got my Rx, so im stocked for now. anyways hows your face do