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  1. no people with acne dont look nice at all they look scabby and people feel sorry for them, i look awful with my acne and theres no way i can go out about my life with this fuckin ugliness plastere on my face. i see no hope for me, its been almost a year
  2. ridiculous u had two tiny pimples, plz dont waste peoples time when theres people with scarring on their skin an have had acne for years
  3. Hi all i have moderate acne not severe yet RETIN A and tretinoin dont even work ive been taking for say 5 months now, is quite supsetting as these are ment to be so gd, everyone says whos retin a clears skin rite up, it just makes mine sore even after this time. any advice on how i could benefit from retin a or tretinoin most. cheers guys sorry 4 u all with acne
  4. I feel for u dude really do, ur acnes worse than mine, an it sounds like u deal with it better than me ( ive stopped going out for motnhs..i know) i just hope ur skin gets better man, acne sucks i no, and it the worse thing ever when u new ur skin was brilliant and clear and u look at ur skin now, u feel like a complete diffrent person, its like... thats not me, thats why i dont want to go out. my acnes not me and i cant stand it. sorry tho dude, wish u luck with this shite preoblem we suffer fr
  5. Im in then same situation of being fed up with life, haven t been out for along time have bumps marks on my skin they get very red andangry looking at times, dont squeeze yours, and theirs relly no point killing urself caus spots but i no wot u mean bout people not listening, my prob is i dont want to a derm busy hospital looking like this so im basicly at a bit of ded end at mo unles my skin magics up ( un fukin likely) but u said u have small blackheads an things, blackheads r nothing, its whe
  6. I totally no wot u mean ( to the poster) i havent been out for a long time now, i no wot u mean about paronanoid, ive had it moderately for about 7 months now, havent been out for much of the time and in the time ive been in and its been getting better i havent been able to belive it, im almost telling myself ( psychologicaly) that wait wheres your acne gone, you shouldnt have skin, i almost feel guilty when my skin looks better but i cant get happy anyway caus i know in a few days it will be
  7. Thanks everyone for ure replies. Hope we can all get rid of this shitty skin disease thats so damaging to sumones self confidence and spirit, i guess there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Ive startedtaking a multvitamin now which should do me good i hope.
  8. so if someone sees you WHO GIVES A FUCK. you're 18, go outside and be a man. That was really unhelpful btw, Peasoupme thankyou for ure nice words. Kuhoolish im only just 18 and its not about going out and 'being a man' just caus im 18, ive had a complete shit life, and always suffered from anxiety so you wouldnt understand the emotional upset of being unconfident but happy with how u look, an then suddenly your looks getting takin away from u and u have nothing in terms of confidence. And its no
  9. Hi people, I know this is an odd title but its actully the predicamint im in, ill be brief. Im not a very confident guy, im 18, but im ok when i go out normally but since ive started getting moderate acne, since last year. ive had it for about 7 months now my life has stopped, and my confidence has taken such a bash its unreal, ive not been able to leave the house for a while, not the 7 months, but lets just say i havent been out for a long time. (months...i know ure all thinking im a fucking f