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  1. I've been using it at night for 4 days this is the 5th day since first using it. It does not burn to apply it at all however as soon as I use my cerave pm lotion it really burns like all night. I tried using it without moisturizer on the first day, I woke up to a really oily face which was a bit red. Last night my face was red for hours, I wake up and its only my smile lines and the areas beside my nose which are a bit red. I've now begun peeling around my mouth. I was it off in the morning and
  2. I have been prescribed cyclimycin and benzoyl peroxide but the pharmacy only gave me Dalacin T which is cyclimycin phosphate and 1% alcohol but with no bp however the Dalacin T 1% is 1% alcohol should I follow up and ask my gp or will this be fine? Also how has this topical been for other users? Is it effective?