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  1. Hey I was treated by Dr Lim. Prices I were quoted as of one year ago. Erbium +co2 laser 5500 AUD Infini 2100 AUD Filler $1090 per syringe. Sorry I don’t have prices for TCA cross. But last time I saw his website his prices looked more up to date.
  2. Hi It was £250 for one booster. Boosters are done once a month for three months. So £750 in total. After that it’s topped up once a year for £250. However Dr Renee said acne scar patients usually come back after 9 months because they don’t like losing the improvement
  3. Hey team Sorry it’s taken a while for me to upload these, but the bruising lasted quite a long time, well over a week. But here’s some updated photos of my progress after the swelling has gone. I still have one more booster to complete the course. Overall I’m happy, you can still see I have scars, but my face does look a lot smoother, they’re not as noticeable. I’ve tried to get the right angle/lighting the same as last time and also tried to highlight the scars. Some lighting you can see ba
  4. Hello! I actually went for my second treatment today. So I’ll do post some photos after this swelling has gone down after this treatment. After the swelling went down, I didn’t think I saw any improvement, my skin sort of just went back to normal. But then over the next few days my skin did start to look better and I can say overall I noticed a good improvement In my skin. Especially under certain lighting. My larger scars didn’t look so deep and overall looked a lot smoother, so I was ver
  5. Thanks! The only things I'm concerned about is I've heard TCA makes scars wider? I don't really want that because they're so wide already, just shallow! Definitely something ill I'll look into when the fillers wear off.
  6. Hey there, none of my scars were deep or tethered to start with so I don't think he thought of subcision as an option. He he said all my scars lay in the same plane/same depth so ablative was the way to go. Ive done infini already and it didn't make my scars any better. TBH the filler has made my skin a lot better, and that's what David Lim recommended. I'm not sure if the first picture really captures my scars well, they're superficial, and the ablative laser smoothed all the boxcars so th
  7. Thanks! I feel like this is a better way to go for me. Try the topicals out first, then look at the alternatives. I'll try and get some Cerave. I bought some HA moisturiser recently, and my skin looks better instantly when I put it on!
  8. Thanks! I've already had infini and I don't think it made it any better, I had it the same time as the co2. I don't plan on doing any TCA peels or micro needling for now. In my eyes I've done the "big guns" of resurfacing and had the erbium ablative with Dr Lim hitch didn't help this, but did help my scars? I'm hoping some good skincare can improve it, because some days it does look better/worse. Ive read that it's possibly the moisture barrier in my skin that's been damaged from all the la
  9. Hey guys As promised I've got some photos, please note the swelling hasn't completely gone down and I still have two sessions remaining. I've tried to get the same angle in natural lighting. Also as you can see my pores are huuuuge, which I believe happened after damage from my first co2 laser, if anyone has any recommendations that isn't emu oil (didn't work for me) I'd appreciate it! Also my scars look pretty bad in the first photo because I had just used my face brush and skin looks irr
  10. Hey guys Just thought I would update you with my consultation I had earlier. Dr Renee was really nice and very knowledgable about fillers. She told me how many patients with acne scarring that she had seen who have spent £1000's on lasers without improvement. She was very honest about the result, that my skin will never be perfect but it can be better. She said my scars were too superficial for normal fillers and skin boosters were the best way to go. They last up to a year, she said rea
  11. Yes this is the review I saw! My skin is similar to hers, but I have a bit more scarring (same type/depth). Hoping for some good results, I'm never expecting perfect skin, but if I can get some of my larger scars less obvious, I'll be pretty chuffed. I'll post a review after I get it done.
  12. The consultation is free so I figured it would be worth a shot! I was also under the same impression that Dr Chu didn't do fillers. Although everyone speaks highly of him, I've read reviews saying people got minimal results. Maybe when I have more money I'll see Dr Chu. But I've already spent £6000 in the last two years alone.
  13. Thank you for explaining! I was so confused because Dr Lim never mentioned subcision to me. Then in his latest email he use subcision + filler in the same sentence. I am seeing Dr Renee Hoenderkamp this weekend. She wrote the below article https://aestheticsjournal.com/feature/treating-acne-scarring-with-fillers She is not a dermatologist, but I've seen a review on realself from a girl with similar skin to mine and good results (had also spent $$ on lasers). I thought her article was pret
  14. Quick question. So I'm looking into Dr Chu, I've heard of him before. But whenever I read reviews about him its all about subcision. Just not sure if subcision method would work for me? I have shallow boxcar and rolling scars and if i pull on my skin they disapear, I thought this meant they were not tethered and subcision wasn't ideal? Or do I need scars subcised first then filled?
  15. Thanks guys, Dr Lim did recommend me someone for London, but I can't remember who it was, it was definitely not Dr Chu though (because I've heard of him, I would of remembered). He said it was someone he worked with once I believe, said he as expensive but was the best with fillers. I couldnt find anything on Dr Chu's site about fillers, only more treatments with downtime. Dr Lim recommended to just have fillers done and no more treatment as I've had so much done. Maybe I'll just email D