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  1. I am probably going to get on low dose Tane this month. I am 26 year old female with mild/moderate acne. The doc mentioned low does (20 mg), but I have heard about eye dryness (I wear contacts), the IB, etc. What were your worst side effects from low dose? Anything is super helpful.
  2. I've had this cycst like pimple for about 2 weeks now and it just won't get a head on it. My derm can't squeeze me in for a cortisone injection this week, so I wanted to try to put a hot compress on it to see if it will come to a head. How do you make a hot compress...sorry, probably stupid question but I honestly don't know!
  3. That is great!! Sounds exactly like my skin. Have you also noticed a change in your pores, i.e. smaller and your face no longer being oily??
  4. I am thinking about getting on low-dose (20 mg) accutane for mild/moderate adult hormonal acne. Has anyone done this and can you please share your experience with me....side effects, did it help, etc. I am at my wits end... ANY suggestions/experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I lately have a lot of small, red or skin-colored bumps on my chin area. They are not anything that I can pop and never really get a head until they become full blown pustules several weeks/months down the road. Does anyone else have this and is there anything that can help prevent these? They are so annoying!! Thanks!
  6. What if you get the organic milk, etc. Theoretically, that should help with antibiotics, etc. in the milk that causes the acne, right??
  7. Hi there! I was JUST in your shoes (I got married a couple months ago) and can completely understand what you’re going through. What worked for me: My derm put me on 45 mg of Solodyn antibiotic which worked WONDERS!! I upped my dosage to 90 mg the week before my wedding, just to be sure! It made me clear about a week into it! Also, the derm added 150 mg/day of spiro…I am still on this and it’s amazing. Definitely a thing to try if you are a female with hormonal acne. However, the o
  8. I am thinking of getting on low-dose accutane (10-20 mg) for my mild/moderate hormonal acne after antibiotics, creams, spiro, etc. have not worked!!! I want to make sure that I am aware of everything before I go on it...so if you are or have been on this, can you please tell me your experience (side effects, dosage, was it helpful, etc.). THANK YOU!
  9. Hello everyone!! Okay, I have tried everything under the sun for hormonal acne and I cannot seem to clear it up. My acne is mild to moderate and I am a 25 year old female. I am currently on 150 mg/day spiro, fish oil and ziana gel (used at night), but I am STILL breaking out. I have tried antibiotics, etc...none of which worked that great, i.e., still getting pustules and cysts. That said, does anyone know if low-dose accutane (10-20 mg) will be helpful in getting rid of this once and for
  10. I always hear that you should never pop, pick, etc. your pimples...but I swear that when I do pop mine, they end up going away and don't leave a huge red mark, versus when I just leave them and treat them w/BP or whatever, in which case they take forever to go away and once they finally go down, they leave a whitish/reddish mark (almost looks like all of the puss is still stuck inside), and than it comes back into a pimple down the road. So is it better to pop it and get all of the stuff out, o
  11. Has anyone heard if it is okay to take fish oil pills while you are prego??
  12. They tell you what the root cause of your problem for hormonal acne is...i.e., if it is because of testosterone (what causes hormonal acne) that is coming from your adrenal glands vs. ovaries (this will determine what kind of pill helps the acne). They can also tell you if it is the overproduction of testosterone or if your body is sensitive to the testosterone...all makes a huge difference. Dr. Geoffrey Redmond in NYC is amazing and deals mainly with this stuff. Check him out!
  13. Does anyone have a great pore minimizing cream that they use to make the pores on their t-zone shrink????
  14. Just curious if any females with hormonal acne have been to an Endocrinologist (rather than a Derm) to take blood and assess what their hormonal acne is from? Did it help??
  15. This thread is amazing!! I stumbled on fish oil by accident (took it to see if it would help with wrinkles, etc.) and found that it coincidentally helped clear my acne. I honestly have tried everything in the book for my hormonal acne (I'm 25 year old female) to no avail, but taking 2 capsules of the fish oil has proven amazing. My skin not only looks more plump, healthy, and not as dry, but my acne has completely dissappeared. I have had mild acne for the last 3 years and felt like I trie