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  1. lilley_1

    2nd week of Isotretinoin

    Hey there , so today marks my 2nd week of accutane . The first week , my face was fill with initial breakouts There are like everywhere and red. Develop a few cyst on my cheek . But as day goes by , my cyst and initial breakout starts to go down except for one whitehead which appears on my cheek yesterday .3 days back i have a couple of pimple on my forehead and now it is also reducing . I actually think my face is a lot better compared to the first week. It is still red on my both my cheek but
  2. lilley_1

    Accutane week 1

    hey its okay man . its my 6th day and my skin is quite bad too . it will get better . it brings out the pimple and clear it after a few days . give yourself another week . im sure it will reduce
  3. lilley_1

    6th day

    Alright sure ! we will go thru this together okay . ill update in another 2 days time. Update whenever you want to okayyy ?
  4. lilley_1

    6th day

    It has been my 6th day using this pill. Well a few days back i had a couple of initial breakouts and today it got worst. I know it has only been 6 days but lts just stay posiitive alright. cheers !
  5. lilley_1

    4th day

    Its my 4th day and i notice my face gets a couple more breakouts . I dont know if it is initial breakouts or just a normal pimple but i dont want it to distract me . I will think positive. Cheers
  6. lilley_1

    3rd day of isotretinoin

    Its my 3rd day taking the pill and i think i have an outbreak. It does not really bothers me considering i already had a few acne . But hopefully it will go away soon. .
  7. lilley_1

    Accutane 10mg per day journey

    Hi its 2016 and im currently taking isotretinoin 10mg too . It has been my 3rd day . Having some breakout . I hope it goes away quickly .
  8. lilley_1

    Popped my first Isotretinoin pill

    Day 1 Its my first day of the pill, i just ate after eating 4 eggs. I will update you tomorrow about the progress !
  9. lilley_1

    Isotretinoin 10mg

    Hi everyone . Tomorrow i will be starting my accuatne pill. Wish me luck . I will update every detail here . If you guys wanna comment go ahead ! cheers
  10. so how was it bro ? was it a success ?
  11. lilley_1

    Does anyone clear severe acne with diet ?

    Its my 2 weeks into eating clean . No dairy , oil and even package foods. I try to continue to eat healthy and see how it goes. Thnks anws !
  12. lilley_1

    Does anyone clear severe acne with diet ?

    Just wondering has anyone went from severe acne to clear skin with diet ?
  13. lilley_1

    1 week of eating clean

    13/8/16 It has almost been a week i ate a clean diet. Morning i ate 2-4 eggs with avocado and romaine lettuce. From lunch onward I ate only broccoli, carrot and sweet potatoes for every meal 3 times a day. I dont consume any dairy , oil , processed food. Drink at least 8-13 glass everyday. I also start eating raw garlic , at least 2-3 cloves everyday. I do see a slight improvement. Maybe its too early to tell. Bear in mind also that i suffered from bad acne on my jawline, cheeks. I will conti
  14. lilley_1


    Hi , i have a acne around my jawline , some on my cheeks and a couple on my head. I went to the derm recently and he gave me erythromcyin 250mg for my acne, 1 in the morning and 1 at night and also a couple of serums and 1 cleanser. After a week of taking the pill , i broke out on my left cheek., have like 4-6 of them. I was so paranoid . I really dont know what is happening , is it purging? should i still continue or discard ? anyone facing the same problem as me ? please i need your experience
  15. lilley_1



    I went to the doc and he gave me erythromycin 30 tablets 250mg. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. After a few days i realised my skin broke out. I really dont know whats wrong. It has only been a week . should i continue or discard ?