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  1. Day Seven (Week One, Day Seven) I got Dan's products in the mail today. My immediate thought was "...that's one monster bottle of clenser!" I'm very, very happy with the price that I paid for both products, including the shipping. Skin is looking fabulous. Dan's BP is making me a little red, but I expect that that's the change of product and the amount that I'm using. No pain, though. No itching. I picked at the pimple on my cheek again. This time I got some stuff out of it, but that does
  2. Nice eyebrows? That was really random of you, haha.

  3. Day Six (Week One, Day Six) I've just increased the BP to three quarters of a finger. I think it may have been a little too soon. I'm feeling a bit sore around my nose and cheeks, a little itchy. I'm confident that the ouchies will pass in a few days. No redness observed thusfar. My poor skin is rebelling against the BP, but it will thank me later. I picked at the sore on my cheek. Bad, bad girl! I lucked out, though; under the sore the skin was tight and very pink. I hope I don't end
  4. Nice eyebrows, lolz

  5. My only tip is to start small for the first week. From what I've read on the forum, your skin doesn't enjoy having chemicals spread all over it and you need to give it a chance to toughen up. Also, make sure you follow Dan's regimen (I assume that that's what your one) to the last detail until your skin is clear.
  6. I really don't think it is, Senne! I suggest that you take yourself off the Regimen until your skin goes back to normal (no more dryness, no more redness) and then try again with very small amounts of the 2.5%, not the 5%, BP. Even though 5% seems like a better choice than 2.5%, it isn't. Dan has an explanation here: http://www.acne.org/faq.html#higherpercentagebp Another point to consider is that you may be allergic to BP. Do you go dry and red, or do you experience swelling, like an aller
  7. Day Five (Week One, Day Five) I seem to have become accustomed to the Cetaphil. Rather than a whole or even half a pump, I am using a quarter to a third, and the oily feeling (not to mention the slick, wet look that accompanies liberal usage) has completely dissipated. Gone, too, is the redness and irritation caused by the BP. All picking at my face has stopped. It’s easier than I imagined, but I’m fairly sure that it’s the excitement of week one that has helped me stop. My back, arm
  8. The odd thing about this comment is that the Cetaphil does the exact opposite for me! I apply the BP and a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of Cetaphil (like, a third of a pump). The Cetaphil tends to reduce the stinging and redness. This post isn't particularly helpful, but I suppose that it demonstrates that everyone's skin is different. Perhaps you should change to a different moisturiser? However, if you've just started (and especially if you're using the 5%) it might be a good idea to ride it out
  9. After reading a few of the other logs I have decided to name the days and the weeks. For myself, really. Day Four (Week One, Day Four) All is well. The Cetaphil is a little oily, but it's nothing that I can't handle. I also feel that it's rather necessary given the redness that I am left with after applying the BP. I'll continue to use it for a while. There's not sense in buggering the poor bottle off after two days of use. Of course, my log isn't just about clearing my skin, but about pr
  10. Sounds great, mysteryman. It seems as though you've really found something that works for you. Well done. I hope Dan's Regimen works as well the second time around!
  11. I had no real problems with ProActiv. The only off-putting factor was the ongoing costs associated with the products. I still use the mask because I am addicted to the clean, fresh feel that it leaves me with, but I've cancelled the rest of it. What's the use in spending the extra money when cheaper, OTC products do the same thing?
  12. Thanks for the welcome, Brandy. Things are running pretty smoothly here, and I'm not afraid of jinxing myself by saying (or writing, as it were) that out loud! Here's something interesting: when I lathered on the BP tonight my entire face went bright red. I felt like I was too close to a fireplace. I began to worry that I was experiencing the dreaded redness that others have complained about, but am happy to report that as soon as I put my moisturiser on all redness and ouchies went away. I was
  13. You may not be able to notice much of a difference, Number1nerd, but I certainly can! Your face is really going well, despite the occasional set back. From what I can gather, some people rollercoaster a bit before their skin really starts to settle in to a new skin care routine.