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  1. Argh! Here is week 5s update - feeling great in general. Energy levels are WAYYYY up (especially compared to being on the Antibiotics longterm). My nose, for the first time since I was like 12, is free from blackheads. Thats probably been the most interesting and surprising thing thus far. However my neck is just all kinds of nasty. Trying to work in hospitality, and particularly with food, it blows. Its tough to stand there and tout the great hygiene when you "look" like you are in poor fo
  2. I have similar on my neck that are really raised and cant be hidden very easily. Another post here mentioned comedones - black heads under the skin (after a 5 second google). Might pay to see another derm as it seems like theyre extremely common. Ive just started accutane but apparently that doesnt work on these. Go figure. Good luck getting them sorted Oh and it said to not pick/irritate them as they 'spread' for lack of a better word
  3. Fabulous product

    Unfortunately for my skin it wasn't enough, but generally I would highly recommend it for keeping infection under control and limiting breakouts. I used it daily for 16 months. It really stung and dried my skin to start with from the peroxide but geez it cleared up my skin quickly
  4. Thanks for this, I have them on my neck and never knew what they were
  5. Today marks week three! Wow, Im still smiling and alive so at least for now have dodged the nastier side effects of Accutane - depression and suicide. Thank pete! I dont think hubby or the kids would be impressed. So far it feels a bit like have a face peel, my skin is so darn tight and almost feels like I have a mask on all the time. There are a few cystic nasty pimples around but hopefully they will start to get less often. Who knows - some of the Dr consultation felt like a sales pitch fr