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  1. Cherrybunny - when I go make-up less for a few days, I notice the problem calms down. I dont get as much redness and the scarring seems less prominent. Gigglebox - havent been using anything new, sticking to my usual regimen which consist of natural products, St Ives cream cleanser for combination skin 2x a day(which Ive never had a problem with), and using a baby brush to exfoliate. Getting scars without acne is really strange too, I thought...Ive been trying to find info everywhere on sca
  2. Not too long ago I posted a thread titled 'Bare Minerals kills my skin!" , where I discussed the allergy I got from the Bare Escentuals line of make up and all the nasty things it did to my skin - turning my acne from mild to moderate and making me break out constantly, causing redness, making my face itch like crazy. So... I switched to Aubrey Nicole. Ive been using it for around a month and a half now and I dont break out much anymore. I may get a whitehead or pimple evey now and then but
  3. Im so stealing my son's hair brush and doing this But seriously, thanks for posting! I think I'll try it. It makes a lot of sense and seems gentle enough for my super sensitive skin.
  4. I break out really badly all over my cheeks - and it just never stops! It's strange, because my forehead and chin are almost completely clear, but my cheeks get acne all over. My forehad and chin are oily - is this was people call combination skin? I use jojoba oil at night as a moisturizer which really helps take care of the redness and inflamation. But an hour or two after I wake up, my cheeks get all red again. Sometimes a few whiteheads by the end of the day. My cheeks also get a lot of
  5. There is such a fixed perception about what should be doing at a certain age or how one should lead their life in according to these societal norms. While around the early or mid twenties it is important to be ready to conquer the world, there's really no fixed way of doing it. The important thing is that you are accomplishing things and pulling yourself up by your boot-straps. You can have two views in life: "Im only so and so age, I have plenty of time to do this, this, and that" or "Holy c
  6. I haven't worn make-up in three days (well, except for a some mascara, lip liner, and gloss). I had to stop because the last brand I used, Bare Minerals, made me break out horribly and made my skin itchy. (I made a post about it a few days ago in this forum) So in the mean time, Im going to be make-up free so I can give my skin the much-needed "air" it hasn't gotten in ages. At first it was a little nerve-wracking going out in public without any foudation on. My skin tone is really uneven an
  7. if you decide to try Aubrey Nicole, it sounds like you already have your brushes (i personally love BE brushes, and use them with AN makeup!), so you could start here: http://www.aubreynicole.com/store/home.php?cat=285 that's their cheapest sample kit, with NO brushes included. (i don't like their brushes anyway.)
  8. Just be upfront from the beginning. Before I settled down with my bf, I did some casual dating and was always honest wth my dates beforehand and just told them I wasn't looking for a long term relationship. It really clarifies things, and doesnt get you in a sticky situation later. Also helps a lot for people like me who come off as being kind of...flirty. Dont try to fool a girl - they're fragile creatures. Girls would rather much prefer being told the truth in the beginning, even if its a
  9. Ditto on the jojoba oil. Ive been using it for almost a month and it really has helped reduce a lot of the redness on my skin and the size of my pimples, and has made my complexion generally nicer. BP did some crazy stuff to my skin and the jojoba oil really helped to get it back to the way my skin was pre-BP. I got it at a health food store close to me but you can order it online, or find it at supplement stores like GNC. Try to get pure 100% jojoba oil if you can. I use it like a regular
  10. I used to feel like that a while ago, too. I made a post in this same forum about my bf and my acne - go check it out, it might offer some comfort. If you ever want to talk about it, don't hesitate to send me a message - that goes out to everyone! Guilty as charged for all these things! I hate the lights and mirrors in changing rooms. You'd think that if they want you to BUY the clothing, they'd try to make it a little more flattering! One my bf was in my neighborhood and called me
  11. This is a message to all the ladies and fellas out there who are afraid of their partners and loved ones seeing them in their natural state - you know who you are! Sometimes when Im with my boyfriend, I get really self-conscious about how my skin looks. At one point I was so self-conscious about my skin, that when I would sleep over at his place I wouldn't dare take my make-up off before bed. But this one particular night I was really tired of waking up with greasy skin and more pimples from n
  12. Regarding Alicia Keys - a few years ago (I think around 2001) they hosted the MTV Music Awards at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC which is a few blocks away from me. A friend nearby told me she spotted Alicia Keys walking around the area, and told me that in person she's really beautiful - but has really bad skin. To this day, when I see Alicia Keys and other celebrities who supposedly battle acne, I think to myself - gosh, it must be great to have make-up artists and computer technology t