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  1. Hi benroberto! For me personally, my skin simply couldn't handle that much exfoliation. I used to exfoliate every night but soon discovered that it was irritating my face more than healing it. Now I limit it to two or three times a week, depending on how it looks and if I have time. As far as cleansers go, I honestly just use water. I tried two Clean and Clear cleansers that had received very high ratings, but they broke me out worse than I have ever experienced before. Too scared to experi
  2. I totally agree with some of the above comments. I was orthorexic for about a (not acne-related), and I was constantly depressed and sickly. It also engenders severe hormone imbalances, which may increase sebum production, hence worsening acne. I would also be cautious with dairy. My mom breaks out when she consumes even the slightest amount, but I suffer from a calcium deficiency if I neglect to eat if a single day, which will me new, larger pimples the following morning.
  3. Hello! Thanks so much for reading my post!!! I'm new to acne.org, so do bear with me Anyhow, I have had a pimple here and there since I was in 7th grade (perhaps 1 a month; usually a whitehead). These lasted perhaps a day or two each; however, once they had flattened and healed, the redness would remain. Although I am currently in the 11th grade, I still have those darn marks from years past. A short while ago (started in March), I suffered from some bizarre breakouts (they may have been nodu
  4. Hello! I was browsing through various forums and thought this one looked promising However, I glanced over some recent reviews on the Clean and Clear website, on which several people complained about a formula change(continuous control portion). Is the new one effective? I have been using this method for the previous 3 weeks, but my acne has increased DRASTICALLY. I used to average a (small) pimple a month, until I began this regimen. I now get 3 deep, huge, new ones a week. Is this an initia