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  1. I can only speak from my experience and acknowledge that everyone's body is different. With that said, I definitely break out when I use N.O. Explode. I am not sure what the ingredient(s) is (are) that cause it, my theory is the caffeine. I break out hardcore when I ingest even small amounts of caffeine, and N.O. Explode has a LOT. As far as evaluating it as a supplement, it definitely made me crazy motivated to work out and I noticed great pumps with it. Unfortunately, the acne was enough to
  2. I am 100 percent sure now, after many years of trying to figure things out, that food allergies are the cause of my acne. It was hard to figure out when dermatologists I would see kept telling me that it was not possible and just prescribed me various retinoids and even pills. The way I finally was able to prove it and get a grasp on it was to go to an allergist and have a food allergy test completed, along with a skin reaction panel. Turned out I was allergic to a ton of different foods. Shel
  3. 4 months Post-Tane Wow, it's been a while since I updated. Things in the past few months have been doing exactly the opposite of what I expected. I figured that the condition of my skin would gradually worsen over time. But no, things just keep getting better! I won't lie, I still do get the occasional spot, but they never have heads on them, they go away in a day, are tiny, and I never have more than one or two spots on my entire face at a time. Most of the time my skin is totally clear. I do
  4. Yvette- Thanks for the well wishes. I gotta be honest with you, I think it's worth hitting the highest safe cumulative dosage for your weight. I was gonna go kinda half-ass since my acne was only mild but now that I'm done I'm really glad I did a high (but not excessive) cumulative dose. I say beg for it 2 months post tane: Things overall are still worlds better than before. I've noticed some triggers for my acne and do my best to avoid them. I've noticed that at work I get really stressed o
  5. Post Tane Day 48(?) About 1 1/2 months: State of my skin: So things have been pretty sweet lately. I just started a new job that is mad stressful (but I enjoy it) and exactly like my derm predicted when I told him I'd be starting this new job, I got one or two random tiiiiiny whiteheads in the chin area. They weren't even visible to the naked eye, only my excruciatingly critical eye. I just hit them with some BP and they were gone within a day. Considering exactly how stressful this shit is, I
  6. You sound a lot like me around Day 100. I had mild but persistent acne and was sure that I would be clear by the second month considering it was so mild. Not the case at ALL. I had my worst breakout in month 3, was still breaking out some in month 4, and finally started seeing improvement in month 5. Not to mention, my breakouts looked way worse than pre-tane seeing as even the smallest spots left massive red marks, I kept accidentally scratching chunks of my skin off leaving giant scabs, AND my
  7. Monochromatic- Thanks man, things are indeed going pretty well and I hope things are going well for you too. I'm dropping by your log right after this. Post Tane Day 28: Things are good. I did have one little flare type of thing where some under the skin bumps on my chin appeared, however, none of them came to a head and many of them came and went very quickly. I can tie the flare up to a VERY stressful day. My derm said that for this month and maybe next I would see a spot or two on stressful
  8. Post Tane Day 21: Still no new spots and no remaining redmarks. Just these weird, very small dermatitis/eczema? bumps. They are skin colored and 2 of them are not at all visible, I can only feel them. The other two are so small they aren't noticable but I can see them up close for sure. Derm said hydrocortisone. They really don't bother me I just have no idea what spawned them as they didn't really show up until after tane. Still occasionally bloated. Lips are almost completely normal again.
  9. malevolent- Hey man glad you dig the log! It helped me a lot to write it, especially now that I'm re-reading it to see just how far I've come, and I'm glad it's helping other people too. My acne was definitely considered "mild" too, but I think that "mild" can be misleading in cases where people scar easily or have persistent acne. At any given time I may have only had about 5 spots, but I could NEVER get them to stop no matter what I did. Anyways, I wish you a hassle-free and positive course my
  10. Day 11: Went to my last derm appointment for my tane treatment today. He said my pores looked "very clean" after inspecting them with these crazy magnifying goggles. He got closer to me than usual and I noticed that for a dermatologist, he had nasty wrinkled beef curtain type skin. He said what was going on with my chin looked like symptoms of Accutane-induced dermatitis and some scaling. He said that hydrocortisone would help. I also asked him to look at these weird little bumps I've gotten on
  11. warwize- What you say is true. Here's my experience with the diet approach. I do believe that diet contributes to acne in at least a small way, but do not believe it is the only or most significant catalyst. I gave the diet thing an all out try back before Accutane with no success whatsoever. I was much healthier but my acne was still getting worse. I also found that there is a great deal of controversy concerning what are and are not "acne-causing" foods. Some people say wheat bread is good, so
  12. I called my derm's office and while I didn't get to speak directly to him, I did speak with the Accutane expert at that particular office. She said that Accutane stays in your system for at least a month after treatment, so it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense why three spots have popped up. She suggested that this happens to some people and that it doesn't mean the treatment didn't work, it may just be a tiny blip. Or it could mean that other methods are necessary. I have to decide wheth
  13. So bummed. I've gotten a couple spots over the past few days. I thought tane was supposed to work for even months after you stop? My lips are still dry so why am I breaking out? I've only been off for a week so maybe I'll go on a seventh month and add it to my cumulative? Maybe this means Accutane just isn't gonna work for me this time? FUCK!! I rarely get like this but I'm really, really fucking disappointed right now. Is this normal and maybe I'll get better soon, or is it just gonna get worse
  14. Ryanne- Thanks for checkin it out and I'm glad you enjoyed I kept it as detailed as possible just so that 1) I can look back and remember all the shit I went through and 2) so that other people could get an idea of what may potentially be in store for themselves. So far it looks like both are happening, which is sweet. Good luck whenever you start the tane, it was definitely worth it the first time I took it and is proving to be worth it once again. Day 5: Action: Nothin. No new spots. Clogg
  15. Day 3: Things are still good. No spots. Clogged pores are getting smaller. It's weird that they didn't seem to go away until post-tane. Even after staying clear for a month at a time those clogged pores never left through my entire course, until afterwards. Ha. Figures. Eczema bump on my neck is still there but maybe getting a little better, eczema spot on the right side of my face is basically just a redmark now and the other is really small and going away. Eczema rash on the inside of my ar