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  1. Hi-- I just started using Ziana (4 days) so far I have not had any more dryness than I had using differin every other night. I do use a sunscreen/moisturizer during the day though to keep hydrated. I will update again in a few more days. So far the IB doesn't seem too bad...msotly "bumps" but not cysts... k
  2. Okay-- so I am not sure if this is the right forum b/c I am not really sure what it is called when you have little plugs of sebum in your pores. Is it blackheads or what? It is so gross on my nose and chin I can actually pull the little plugs out with tweezers and it leaves a big huge pore. What kind of acne is this? (I have other breakouts as well, but this is icky too) and does anyone have any reccomendations on the best way to treat this? I am currently on doxy and am in the process of sw
  3. If this is truly keloid scars then a derm can inject cortisone in a series of shots to help dissolve the scar tissue and flatten it out and make it more like the color or normal skin. I have not ever had this from acne, but I have had 2 keloids from having a mole removed and had to do this both times. If you keloid that bad from acne then it is a definite no no for you to pick at it at all....I would most def see a Dr and they can tell you foe sure what is going on. k
  4. I got this filled last night and started it--I will update in a few days how the IB is. I am switching from every other day differin cream..... this gel is PRICEY though. 250$--even with my insurance the copay was 75.00. GEEZ. k
  5. I just got prescribed this too-- I tried to fill it at Walgreens but they are OUT. Maybe in the next few days I will get to srart it and I will report back. k
  6. I have them on chest and on upper arms and back...I have tried masks/peels/scrubs of all kinds, exfolitation, moisturizers, antibacterial soaps, BP (just because), .... nothing seems to make a difference yet. k
  7. i am 28 and I have this worse now than I ever have...i hope i grow out of it soon too. ha ha ha. no, really though, I haven't found anythign helps so far, so I am curious to see what other people are doing and if it works out...
  8. I always pop/disnfect if there is a head....I can't stand having a white pus thing on my skin. Where I run into trouble is when I feel like something is *almost* coming to a head on a cyst and squeeze at it to try to force it out. I know it's bad, but I can't help myself sometimes. I just want it to be gone so bad. I have tried squeezing out blackhead and all that does is leave a large hole where the plug used to be....
  9. i used it for almost 2 years and thought it was helping my acne, but at the same time I was getting weird purple blotches on my legs that look like bruising....my regular MD said that minocin can do that and switches me to doxycycline instead....I hope it works as well... good luck k
  10. is this the same thing where your pores look like they have tiny sebum plugs in it and when you squeeze or pull the plug it leaves a large pore hole open? If it is, I have this on my nose also and I have not found that differin has helped any, nor has any BP product. k
  11. I have just been prescribes this today too-- haven't tried it yet, but will let you guys know what I think of it. I have been on clindamycin/differin, now switched to doxycycline/ziana....cross your fingers for me. kate