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  1. tenghong

    Thank you

    Thank you

    I actually have used regular Neosporin on pimples before, but not consistently, as I hated the greasiness. Thanks to the previous reviews, I tried this cream, which is SO much better - totally non-greasy, I can even apply it over large patches of skin, if neccessary. The trick of using a little round band-aid over the Neosporin'd zit overnight is a great suggestion. Heals those nasty huge red inflamed ones right up. Use this if you're prone to acne. It will take some of the misery out of dealing
  2. effectve

    I don't have major acne, but I tend to breakout from time to time. This system is amazing and very effective. My skin was clear within a week's time of using the products. I've used Proactiv, which takes a very long time for me to see results, after three weeks I was through with that! The only thing about the Clinique Acne system is it's very drying, which I don't mind in this humid weather, and the moisturizer doesn't have spf. So I don't really use the products unless I'm having breakout (lik
  3. tenghong

    It works

    It works

    I approve; this tones down the redness, and improves the texture of my skin. It works for me.