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  1. No. the problem is testing is not accurate. if you go to your primary care and ask for a Lyme test, they'll probably send you for a lyme screen, and if not, and they send you for an elisa the more accurate, 75% test negative because the sensitivity/specificity is way off, and with a negative test the western blot is not run - this is the more accurate test. it reports bands. if you have under five bands they will say you are negative, but 5 was established by the CDC for reporting purposes on
  2. It's probably been a year since I last wrote on this board because I had figured out that my severely oily skin, inflammation and acne were due to food intolerances that seemed to develop and get worse over night, and leave me with nothing to eat but protein and certain vegetables. Well, come to find out, I have Lyme Disease, estimated almost six years undiagnosed (other symptoms besides skin and food allergies), and my Lyme Literate doctor, and the other "Lymies" I've spoken with said, yes, L
  3. Thanks Jemini. You go to Dr. Aieta, right? We talked about the enzymes and stuff. I mentioned to him what I found, and he said it does have anti-inflammatory properties, but we'd have to see what happens when I get off of them. We shall see. Hopefully it stays this way, because I'm getting more and more limited to which foods I can eat.
  4. 3 years ago I started working in IT support at a school. All day long I was handling student laptops and touching their computers. Since then I have gotten skin rashes such as Pityriasis Rosea, some sort of bacterial bronchitis, possibly caused by a Mycoplasma, and most recently another upper respiratory infection most definitely a Mycoplasma. About one month after I started my job I started developing cystic acne on my cheeks. Eventually my skin was so oily it clogged all the pores on my face,
  5. I think it all depends on what your triggers are. I have the same problem, I am very thin, to begin with, and then having to cut out all these foods that made me breakout, I find it very hard to gain weight now. I've been mostly maintaining 115 pounds at 5'7. I would like to be 10 pounds more. If you know of the foods you can eat, eat those, and try to eat more of them. Try to find alternatives. For example, my acne was caused by "leaky gut," so I haven't been able to eat grains, nuts or most
  6. i know this isn't the holistic health forum, but i had hundreds of little tiny bumps under my skin for a year and a half, and i had very oily skin, extremely oily, even the derm was shocked. it felt like tiny rice granules under my skin. anyways, the removal of grains and dairy removed all oil and eventually the clogged pores stops. to get rid of the existing ones i did use retin a .01 percent for about six months, but that did produce some slightly shallow marks on my face.
  7. You can get a lot of info here www.giveittomeraw.com that will be helpful I have major problems with nuts and breaking out however I have found ways around my intolerances and break out foods whilst maintaining raw just by using those things very minimally. Pre-raw I was intolerant to pineapple and strawberries however I've only started reintroducing them now and appear to have no issues (touch wood). Weight may very well be an issue for you if you are already underweight. I won't pretend
  8. Strange that I was about to start a thread about going raw and it was already posted. I've heard a lot of good things about going raw and vegan, but I have a lot of concern. I find that certain tree fruits cause me to break out (i'm not exactly sure of all of them, but pomegranates, oranges definitely, possibly apples, bananas and coconuts), as well as tree nuts, and I know those are definitely part of the raw lifestyle. In addition to this, I have a very fast metabolism, and am concerned ab
  9. hemp seed oil is actually better for getting the 3:6:9 ratio of omegas. you should not breakout from it, unless you are allergic to something in the capsule, or oil. what is the source, flax seed? but in my opinion, and through my own research and study, and proof, no matter what supplements you take, the point is, you shouldn't have to take supplements to get clear skin like other people who take supplements. it's deeper than that. my skin didn't clear until i cut out grains and dairy. sure,
  10. kefir is cultured milk. dairy has been attributed to acne, not because of added hormones, but intolerances. i'm curious to know what your diet is like on a daily basis. maybe there is still something in there. one person has mentioned when they eat oranges, and other acidic fruits they break out in cysts.
  11. try removingthe rice and pasta , it's gluten free but it's still a grain. also maybe remove the legumes. If I remove the legumes, where do I get my bodybuilding protein from? And rice and pasta are my #1 sources of carbs. I forgot to add that I also eat fish, well now im trying to eat fish 3 times max per week. what about nuts, like almonds. and whey is dairy, and dairy also seems to be a very common trigger of acne among this board.
  12. try removingthe rice and pasta , it's gluten free but it's still a grain. also maybe remove the legumes.
  13. Yeah I agree. For example, I have celiac and it was the cause of my acne, but there are a lot of people who have celiac who don't get acne. These people are munching down on their gluten everyday and most of them (97% of them according to statistics) have no idea that they are slowly destroying their bodies. I know a woman in her 50s who was recently diagnosed with celiac. Before that she had breast cancer...most likely caused by nutrient deficiencies and immune system abnormalities caused by