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  1. I've been searching for a cleanser that will not only wash my face but help with eliminating my redmarks... What do you use or suggest I should use?
  2. yeah, i would like this answer too!
  3. Hey all, this forum has been very helpful with clearing up my mild acne, now that i don't have acne, both of my cheeks and my forehead have a good amount of redmarks left over, they're soft, no bad scarring at all, just red marks. Well i'm sick of HAVING to wear makeup to cover up my cheeks and forhead everyday so i'm ready for some type of product that will make my red marks go away! I've dont the egg thing for about 2 months and I saw little results, didn't really work much for me. I use ACV o
  4. Hey All! I've been on this regime for 6 days now and I LOVE IT!! I have had all my pimples cleared and my redmarks are almost ALL gone! It's wonderful, thanks so much for everyone's advice
  5. I did this last night and just followed up with my second time tonight and it's been great so far, nothing but soft skin and i can tell my redmarks are going away, almost ALL gone! Thanks Delna!
  6. Haha thanks for the responses, but to me it is bad! It may not look as bad as it is but my cheeks have whiteheads, papules and pustules. My forehead also has whiteheads! I really need help because i am very vain and this really makes my whole day turn into a frustration
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Eric and i've had my acne for about a year now. I started out on proactiv in the beginning and eventually stopped using that and went to my dermatologist. Well after a few visits i'm now using prescription Duac and Differin everyday. I haven't seen much results at all from either and i'm really not sure what to do, but i just want it gone! My main problem areas are my cheeks, nose and forehead. Hope you can help! Thanks in advance BTW: My cleanser is Aveeno clear complexion f