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  1. Thank you so so much! Definitely will look into l-glutamine! And monk fruit! Had no idea that even existed--thanks again!
  2. Hi guys, I had really terrible cystic acne almost two years ago now and since then it's cleared up with some red Post Acne Erythema marks on my cheeks which are really difficult to get rid of unless I pay some good $$$ for laser treatment but I'm a senior in college so that's obviously not happening any time soon. Anyways, when I do break out these days it's from hormones when I'm on or near my period OR when I eat sugar/fried foods. Sugar is my biggest weakness. I almost never eat candy bu
  3. I feel your pain. I was on ortho tri cyclen for five months when I first started taking birth control. My skin was completely ruined and I blame the pill for it. It's been three years and I'm still battling with the leftover marks from what ortho tri cyclen left me. I wish I had switched earlier but I thought it would get worse before it got better but I was so so wrong. You've only been on it for two weeks so I would stick it out for a pill pack or two to see how you feel? But if it's making yo
  4. Hi! I'm a 21 y/o female and I've had terrible acne since I was 12. My acne got especially terrible after a bad run with birth control when I was a sophomore in college. The older picture is from when my skin was at its absolute worst around February/March of 2015...so well over a year ago. The newer picture is from today. My skin has come a LOoooNg way but I still have red marks from where my cheek was incredibly irritated. The picture doesn't show the redness too well because of the lighting i