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  1. I don't know if it's the same cream but he suggested Filastin Serum and Terproline to me. I got the fact sheets sent through from his PA and have attached them here. Haven't tried them yet though. FillastinfoSheets_1_.pdf TerprolineinfoSheets.pdf FillastinfoSheets_1_.pdf TerprolineinfoSheets.pdf
  2. Hi, OK I've found out a bit more now and am less worried (I think?!) I got contacted on this website by someone who had set up a group which is taking legal action against their clinics having had isolagen treatment, and this is where I heard about the possible side-effects of arthritis. This person had viewed a previous post I had written about the fact I had a reaction to the injections and asked me to get in contact. I emailed back and am in contact with a whole group of people, most of who
  3. I've found out that there's a number of people who've had isolagen treatment that now have joint problems - apparently this is due to the use of Fetal Calf Serum in which they grow the cells. Apparantly FCS can cause arthritis. I haven't had any but as I had the treatment for acne scarring rather than to smooth out wrinkles and am fairly young I'm wondering if this is going to be a problem in the future. It seems a number of people have successfully sued isolagen. This is all very worrying so a
  4. I know 2 girls with scars that are worse than mine (mine are are mild to moderate) and because of their outward confidence and the fact they are fun and flirtatious they still attract a lot of male attention (one is married anyway and one has a long term boyfriend). they're attractive even with the scars. I'm married and my husband says he has never noticed my scars yet I find that they are all I ever see in the mirror. I'm sure these girls get upset about their scars when at home in private bu
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, it doesn't sound hopeful does it! The stupid thing is that I did sign a form for the isolagen treatment (which said there was a possibility of a slight, temporary reaction) but the doc was so emphatic that he had treated hundreds of patients and never seen a reaction and after trawling the web and messaging on this website I was convinced that any side effects would be temporary and minimal. Unfortunately my skins scars so easily it only takes a tiny upset for it
  6. Hi there, I think there may be a few people out there who have suffered from treatments that make things worse. I had a treatment with isolagen and subcision which has left me with more scars than I started with - my scars were relatively mild to begin with and I emphasized to the doc that I only wanted to do a treatment if it was 100% no risk. As it was my face reacted badly to the treatments both times and I am left with 2 more scars, do we have any rights when this happens (I'm in the UK)?