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  1. it doesnt really have to be taken in the morning. Just take it with the fattiest meal of the day, one which u can take pills consistently of course. i take my pills at lunch and at dinner. if u have any other Qs dont hestitate to ask
  2. DAy 7 SKin oil down again yay! i only dabbed my face once. Still two actives but i pulled this one off in the middle of Lab so bad i kno. it kinda solidified so it looked like half a grain of rice. so gross haha Blackhead situation about the same. I want them GONE !!! redness has gone down once again. Good signs, i was scared i might of developed rosacea cus i was beet red for several days. As you can see my face was reddish. Much better then before tho. Not visible are the smaller pimple
  3. DAY 6 today was a pretty good day. I went sking for the first time today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked it, but i wouldnt mind trying snowboarding as well. Man i had at least 5 explosive crashes. mostly from trying to slow down when i accidently went too fast down the slope. i would be going too fast and it'd be hard to slow down cus of all the bumps, and then BAM. Instant yard sale. my skis and poles are scattered around a 5 feet radius and im lying on the floor thinking what the hell just happ
  4. DAY 5 ugh facial redness is definitely a side effect as i still have it today. hopefully it will subside. im going to try breaking my dosage into two parts so its morning and night. on the plus side, i found out i did relatively well on a chem exam i thought i failed. 103/130!!!! average was a 85 so i feel pretty good. on the acne plus side, my nose felt a little sand papery today. small flakes of skin coming of it. Blackheads ago less noticable. Originally it was like after i washed it the
  5. DAY 4 I definitely n oticed more driness. my ear lobeon my left side is really dry and my skin hurts alittle if i dont wash it gentelly enough. On a side note, someone told me that my fce was flushed today, and i felt my cheeks and they were really warm. Possible side effect?
  6. I think im developing some sorta rash on my left elbow. Its itchy and red =/
  7. Day 3 Got a big chem exam tomorrow I had my dose of accutane at lunch today, after some cheesy pasta, juice, and some chips for some more fat. Symptoms -Face seems a little less oily -Again blackheads seem to be subsiding. -I picked some gunk coming out of the pores in my forehead today. Never happened before so i guess accutane is doing something at least!
  8. hey, ive been reading your logs, i just started accutane like 2 days ago, cant wait to be hit by that IB ! Good luck on ur course, in the end it'll be worth it
  9. Day 2 Man today was one bad day. I'm in freshman year college and i had a bio test at 8 am this morning. and i basically studied all night in a zombie like trance. and i was almost late for the exam. then the exam went kinda bad because i didnt remember some small details and the teacher zoomed in on that. then right after that i had a chemistry lecture in which i fell asleep, then i had a 3 hour biology lab. and then a chem recitation which i missed cus i was passed out on my bed. now i h
  10. Hey guys, ive just started on a course of accutane. My acne is relatively mild to that of some of the members here but its persistant and never goes away. i havent ever been completely clear since i was 12 (now 18 and in college ) Thanks to acne, my self esteem isnt as good as it should be and that sucks for me because i know that i am an outgoing and sociable person but acne has just made me feel restricted. Welp ill try my best to keep up a daily log, itll help me remember as i am so dam fo