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  1. What is the relationship between them?
  2. Ya i am on the ACV 1:1 regimen for 1 month now. I think its helping my red marks too, but i just want those red marks to fade quicker lol
  3. I see. Thanks for the info does zinc help with pigmentation or marks? because theres alot of red marks on my face and i'm worried they might never go away since they have been there for quite a long time.
  4. I think i going to start a zinc supplement soon. What kind of form do you guys use? and also How long after a meal then you consume your zinc supplement? or with meal? and do you all take a copper supplement too?
  5. oh. thanks everyone. now i can eat my favourite fruits with my meal.
  6. is it alright to drink immediately after a meal? and eating fruits immediately after a meal?
  7. Im 18 years old and have constipation and IBS.. What should i do?
  8. Yeah i love durians so much Too bad its a bad fruit =(
  9. so is it a good/neutral/bad fruit?
  10. i have a very oily nose.. please recommend a cleanser for me to use..