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  1. I got the thyroid test done and it's thankfully normal... What do you guys think of getting allergy testing done?
  2. That's a great thought you brought up: my doctor never ordered any tests to prove the acne is hormonal. I'm def going to ask my doctor to get blood tests ordered. I was taking Effexor for 6mo, stopped for a year or so and restarted it for a few months, I actually can't remember how long I was on it in total. Do you know of any ways to repair the detoxification process? I was thinking of trying acupuncture...?
  3. Do you know how many milligrams of zinc is helpful? I'd been taking 50 and it makes me so nauseous even if I eat with it. Someone recently told me about Sudocrem which is a diaper cream too lol! I'm not sure how to use it though. Put it over the bump or on the whole face?
  4. Hi! Thank you for the advice I'm gonna look on Amazon for that tea... I used to take evening primrose oil years ago for PMS... I should go back to taking it if it helps my hormones! I was never consistent in taking it so I don't know if it actually helped my PMS but it's worth trying for the acne do you have the link to the vitamin you take? I just joined acne.org and I don't know how to send a PM
  5. In either spring or summer of 2011, I developed acne. I started my first job ever in March of 2011, so obviously I began stressing out heavily so that could contribute to acne. In autumn of the same year, September to be precise, I quit taking my antidepressant, Effexor. I had very little withdrawal side effects, except one that I noticed: worsening acne. Effexor has a half life as every drug has, and after a certain amount of time the drug builds up in your system. So even if it takes months to