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  1. Thanks guys! So I did some research and purchased a 25% TCA peel and I'm going to try it out. I'll keep you guys posted on the results!
  2. Thanks man! I probably should have mentioned I'm already using aloe Vera and retin-a. I probably should just be more patient haha, but I wish there was a quicker way to fade marks.
  3. I just finished accutane roughly one month ago but I still have marks left over. I'm hoping that someone may have had a similar experience or know anything that may help speed up the healing process. I have been looking into chemical peels as I think they may help. What do you think? All advice and comments are greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you I appreciate the feedback! I forgot to mention I am on my second month of accutane and it seems to have slowed down my breakouts. But I was more curious on what I can do to treat my discoloration and blotchy skin tone, especially on the right side of my face. Also if there is a way to smoothen my skin because it is a rough texture probably from fading acne and scars.
  5. I had really clear skin all my life until a few years ago I started having really bad break outs which left lots of hyper pigmentation and a few scars on my face, especially the right side. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my clear skin back? Or is the damage too severe at this point? All advice and comments are appreciate, thank you. Also the texture of my skin is a lot more rough than it used to be.