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  1. Hi, All my clothes are back, and ever since being on the regimen whenever i start sweating even a bit my sweaters all turn red on the collar from being bleached from the bezoyl peroxide which is reactivated with perspiration. I even ruined my $200 dolce n gabanna sweater! Does anyone know how i could like try n turn this reddish brown bleached black back into black ? I doubt its possible, but hey cant hurt to ask!!
  2. I'm almost acne free, and I was really getting sick of tired of my scars and was looking into acne peels to remove scars. I was wondering, since these peels have their own little "regimen" would it be okay to keep using the regimen, or would I have to stop the regimen to do this peel treatment. And if so for how long? Thanks.
  3. I wouldnt recommend it. Dan recommends your skin being dry before applying BP because he believes this is when the skin will be more likely to absorb the BP. Personally I find waiting until my skin is flaky to apply the BP gives me dry skin, so I do it as soon as my skin feels tight, which is about 2-3 minutes. However if you put the oil on first I think it will like create a barrier which will prevent the absorption of the bp. IMO
  4. Thanks I appreciate it, I've got a message from Travis and hopefully he'll be able to sort this out. The salicylic acid has the number 00008273 on it where the expiry date is for the AHA. Thanks.
  5. Want Salicylic Acid still? I found out how...Read on... I recently made a purchase through amazon.ca for 2 salicylic acid bottles since it was discontinued for sale on this website it IS still available for purchase through amazon.ca. I was sent 1 salicylic acid bottle and 1 AHA although my invoice clearly says 2 salicylic acid. Has acne.org run out of salicylic acid? If so I do not think it is fair for them to send me AHA instead because it is a product that does not work and I do not need. AH
  6. Anyone have any salicylic acid they want to sell me =( looks like I missed the deadline T_T
  7. Hi, Last month I ordered the Salicylic Acid product from Dan. That stuff is a miracle. It did everything AHA did, but without the overdrying. My skin was super soft, smooth, and just looked fantastic. It was great as spot treatment, and helped my body acne and facial acne an unbelievable amount. I noticed its not available anymore...has Dan removed it? I say everyone who used it, everyone who didnt use it, and everyone who was planning to use it contact Dan and petition to get this miracle crea
  8. Hey Katrina, Not sure if you remember but a while back I ordered a new bactch since the 9152 wasn't really doing it for me...well my new batch is 9169 and it doesnt have that smell or severe stinging to it. So I think things are good to go =)
  9. When I was 16 I used dans regimen and it cleared up my acne..once i stopped my acne came back, so I decided when I was going into second year of uni to restart the regimen. 2 months in and ive noticed nothing. In fact I would say things might even be worse off then they were when I started. I would only get about 1-2 pimples a week but now im getting lik 3-4. What is wrong? Has dan changed his formula and that is why its not working? or has my skin changed and no longer is affected by BP? Or sho
  10. thanks a lot welsh...and sorry skiz i havent tried dans jojoba yet so i dont know...but im currently using dessert essence and i dont notice a smell
  11. bump....really need some help and supporte on this..mite throw 2 months work out the window
  12. Okay well Im an AHA user and I was wondering if I still need to wear sunscreen in the winter if im using AHA. Thanks.
  13. Hey there! I saw your post reply! Once you get your new shipment of BP - could you let me know what batch number it is? And if it is working well?? This way - we can get an idea of which batches are okay - and which aren't! I'm also really curious which batch number they are sending out (or what's considered new) and if it has the strong smell to it! I would order some

  14. Okay well I'm an impatient guy and its been a long time since I've used Dans BP besides the 9157 batch so I ordered another one and, hoping its a different batch, I am going to test it on my skin to see the differences. Keep you guys posted!