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  1. This type of acne is very common.. they're just a bunch of clogged pores. Best way to get rid of these is to use a high-quality chemical exfoliant like Salicylic Acid or Mandelic Acid.
  2. Looks like non-inflammatory acne.,. you know, clogged pores. Best way to get rid of them is to use a chemical exfoliant like Mandelic Acid.
  3. Sebum production is caused by hormones called Androgens. Not squeezing...
  4. Hey there how are you, im still using the product.. so far I haven't seen any improvement with the comedones. I feel like althought the product has 5% mandelic acid, it also has a lot of alcohol which dries out my skin a little. I'm of course more dry than anyone else because im on tretionin and benzoyl peroxide. I will keep using it though and I do have hope that it will clear my comedones.. My left cheeks however is suffering from the use of tretionin, its looks to me as if its pitted or begin
  5. Hey so there is no instructions on this bottle or in the box, is there any specific instructions on how you use it and when? I still wana keep using the tretionin just so I can give it it's fair round. That 5% mandelic acid is a toner. You'd have to pour some into a cotton pad, then wipe it on your face. You'll feel a little stinging, but it should go away fairly quickly. I'd say use it at least 30 minutes prior to using tretinoin.
  6. Oily skin usually results in the formation of clogged pores (or closed comedones) like the type of acne you have. Unfortunately, I do not know how to stop overactive sebaceous glands. However, I know how to treat clogged pores. I used to have a lot of those comedones, and I got rid of them using mandelic acid. It's a pretty nice exfoliant, you should give it a try.
  7. Oily skin usually results in the formation of clogged pores (or closed comedones) like the type of acne you have. They're fleshed-colored bumps, am I right? I have the same issue here. Unfortunately, I do not know how to stop my overactive sebaceous glands from producing oil. However, I do know how to get rid of the clogged pores. I use to have a lot of those closed comedones, and I mean A LOT. I got rid of them using an exfoliant called Mandelic acid. Other exfoliants like salicylic acid and gl
  8. I know how to tackle the acne caused by oily skin but I do not know how to treat oily skin. I used to have many blackheads and closed comedones but mandelic acid got rid of all of them. Right now, I'm just left with super smooth, shiny, oily skin. When I leave the oil on my face, I just look like a wet seal. Those of you who struggle with many comedones and blackheads should use mandelic acid. Although it does not combat the oiliness, it does take care of the acne pretty well. Right now I'm just
  9. All of the websites claiming that skin overcompensates from dryness lack scientific evidence, therefore, they're not reliable sources. Moreover, people who say that their skin overcompensates from dryness base it on personal observations without knowing what's ACTUALLY going on. These products may make people's skin APPEAR more oily, but not actually oily. Oil production is caused by androgen binding to the sebaceous gland receptors. As far as I know, topicals have no effect on androgen levels,
  10. The sebum on your face is highly comedogenic so if you do a nice job at keeping the oil off your face, you can last weeks without those things reappearing. Just try to keep your face clean. That means to wash off oil and dead skin cells more frequently, but at the same time don't overwash to the point where you irritate your skin.
  11. I used to have the same issue. Those comedones are just absolutely stubborn even though they're classified as mild acne. By the way, mandelic acid is much different from retinoids. Retinoids do not actually work because they speed up cellular turn over, which is good if you're trying to brighten your skin tone. Mandelic acid actually exfoliates your skin and cleans out the gunk inside of it. Also, it's antibacterial (kills P. acne bacteria) so you can use it as a replacement for your benzoyl per
  12. I did not purge from tretinoin. It just didn't do anything for me after 4 months. It did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I listened to that 'pea size amount" BS and I felt like my dermatologist was mocking me.
  13. Is there scientific evidence that the sebaceous glands produce more oil when the skin gets dried out? As a person who actually has oily skin, topicals do not affect my sebaceous glands and there has been no scientific evidence to prove that whatsoever. One could dry out their skin completely, and still produce the same amount of oil. Why? Because your sebaceous glands do not know how much sebum is on the skin. No matter how much moisturizing cream you put on your skin, your sebaceous glands will
  14. lmao I saw results in less than a week.... and yes, that's the one I use. I don't know if your comedones will come back.. it depends on some people. For me, I have really oily skin so my pores keep getting clogged; I have to keep using it or else they'll come back. I suggest you keep using it for the best result. A bottle lasts about 2 months for me and I use it about 2 times a day. I personally think paying $20 bucks every 2 months is definitely worth the money when I get to have clear skin and
  15. I use the mandelic acid from Makeup Artist's Choice and this thing eliminates AND prevents acne from forming because it cleans out my pores so much. It's pretty much the only thing I need in my entire skincare regimen to keep me free from acne. I do not have before pictures because I avoided cameras when my skin looked like the topographical view of Afghanistan. Believe me, my skin was much bumpier than yours.
  16. Listen, you have comedonal acne. Those bumps on your face are called closed comedones. What you have to do is exfoliate. I used to have those things all over my face, just like you do. I got rid of them as well as my inflammatory acne with mandelic acid. Give it a try, you might like it. It's waaay better than glycolic and salicylic acid. It cleared me up in less than a week.
  17. Skin does not over produce oil from dehydration. This is a really common myth. Oily skin is caused by internal factors; it has nothing to do with how dehydrated you are. Your sebaceous glands do not "make up" for the moisture lost from dehydration.
  18. Tretinoin didn't work for me either. I use a 5% mandelic acid toner to keep myself free from blackheads and comedones. It's amazing, trust me. No initial breakouts either, it just gets the job done.
  19. Those bumps are called closed comedones. I used to have them all over my face until I used an exfoliant called mandelic acid. It's amazing, give it a try! You'll be surprised by the results.
  20. I use to have so much more comedones than you. I don't know why, but the only exfoliant that worked for me was mandelic acid. Not only did it clear my comedonal acne, it also cleared up my inflammatory acne. In fact, it's the only thing I need in my regimen to stay clear.
  21. Try mandelic acid. I've tried other exfoliants like BHA and Glycolic Acid but they both failed me. Mandelic acid cleared up all of my comedones in less than a week. In addition to that, it cleared up my inflammatory acne as well. It's so effective that it is the only thing I need in my skincare regimen to stay clear.
  22. This type of acne is called closed comedones. I used to have them scattered all over my face. It's all about finding the right exfoliant to treat these things. Mandelic acid cleared these up for me in a couple of days. Strangely, salicylic acid did nothing to these comedones.