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  1. This post has little to do with acne, as it has become the least of my concerns lately. I'm male, 21 years old. I eat a pretty healthy diet, but am inactive. I saw a dermatologist on March 2nd, 2004 for treatment of mild/moderate acne. I was prescribed antibiotics (brand name: Dynacin), and started taking them the same day. About a week later, over the course of a couple of hours, nearly my entire body broke out in terrible hives. They were made worse at the time by me scratching them, not re
  2. If you are concerned about the amount of sugar in fruit, simply eat them in moderation as a snack, 2 hours or so before and after a meal, or along with a meal that is by itself low in its glycemic load. This should minimize the effect the sugar from fruits has on your insuling levels. Eating one apple by itself isn't going to hurt you at all. By the same token, you shouldn't be overloading on fruit either.
  3. 2ShyGuy, i have a theory.... I have heard that acne can take weeks to develop. Perhaps that window of clearness you experienced had to do not with what you started doing that week, but what you were doing in the weeks prior to it. Something that you stopped doing, thus allowing the breakouts to start again. Perhaps you were experiencing the first signs of success from that perricone regimen, or perhaps something else. Just something to think about.
  4. It depends how people take your advice. If someone were going to make drastic changes to their diet or start taking specific supplements that are not proven to help with acne at all, then that could be a waste of time and a good way to get people's hopes up for nothing. It would have been helpful if you had told us WHY some of these things cause acne. Your advice about not touching your face with unclean hands i can understand, yet i would hardly call that a "cause", more like a minor aggrav
  5. I made some drastic changes in my diet a month ago. -I cut out all dairy -I cut out most processed foods -I cut out ALL caffeine -I drastically increased the amounts of vegetables that i ate -I eat more fruit -I only eat low GI and/or low GL foods -I no longer eat any fast food at all -I eliminated all trans fats -I cut down on sodium and saturated fats -I only eat lean meats, mostly chicken and turkey -I eat mostly organic stuff now, and even buy organic cage free eggs and stuff l
  6. I've been off of dairy for about a month now, and have also made several other changes in my diet for the better. I have seen absolutely no results with my acne at all though.