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  1. Aw.. hey, good to see you, I miss you, hows everything going?

  2. Hey there! I haven't been online in a while, figured I'd stop by to say HELLO!!!

    <3 jenn

  3. Yes? I fuckin' love you. :D

  4. Yes!!! Muahahahaha

  5. So does death/industrial/gore metal count as the "good shit" ? *grits teeth* :D

  6. I'm sure there are plenty of things you don't know about me ;) I like you too, it's nice to see someone one here who is into the good shit :D

  7. I had no idea you had great taste in metal. I like you. :D

  8. Well I would say shower with him to save on the hot water, but if my hubby was acting like that, I wouldn't want to shower with him either!! From the sounds of it, you are NOT overreacting at all. You guys should maybe see into some counseling- the two things that usually end a marriage are money and sex. It sounds like money is an issue with you guys that needs a mediator to help you arrange some better agreement- sounds like it's been very one sided for a while. I can kind of understand the
  9. I know exactly how you feel. I was similar in middle school and high school- I considered myself to be quiet and reserved. towards the end of high school I began to see myself come out of my shell. it's weird because the new people don't see you as a shy person, or they wouldn't think you have a lower self esteem, too afraid to call people first or ask for help when you're lonely, but it's true!! Do you have one or two particular friends that you trust more or enjoy spending time with more? I f
  10. I would pay 6 bucks to take a cab to work just because it's too f'in hot to walk for 25 minutes in the summer.
  11. Mine only takes me about 20+ minutes total, blow drying and straigtening. But I also chopped most of my hair recently. I have an angled bob, kinda sorta. When my hair is long, it can easily take me 45+ minutes to do my hair.
  12. I'm not sure if this is the same one, but try this.
  13. SA is supposed to work better for blackheads than BP from what I've heard. There are so many different forms of it, maybe you could try a few if the BP doesn't fix the blackheads. I used to have pretty gnarly blackheads on my nose, but I use Aveeno's Positvely Radiant Clear Complexion SA thing (it comes in a tube similar to toothpaste). It smells nice and makes my nose clear and smooth!
  14. If there is a moment where it just feels right, like she wants you to kiss her, then just do it. Don't think twice. You won't regret it. My very first kiss was with my (now) husband when we were like 14. I had never kissed anyone so I was freaked out when he tried to kiss me but I just went with it, and it was the best kiss in my life. If I had thought about it for a second I would have turned away from embarassment, but lucky for me it just felt right, so I kissed him back, and the rest is his
  15. Plexion also has a Rx cream. I used to use that. It's a little pricey and doesn't smell great, but it worked pretty well for me!