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  1. I remember reading back here a while ago that certain foods are better and worse for your acne. I can't seem to dig up the post though, so I was wondering if you all could point me towards a list of some kind. This past week I've barely eaten anything at all, but I've noticed a huge difference in my zits. They pretty much have been gone this entire week until last night when I ate some burger king and chef-boyardee, now I notice a zit under the skin that is kinda sore when I move my eyebrows. An
  2. I believe that different people have different causes for acne. In my personal experience over this past week I haven't eaten really ANYTHING and I've noticed my acne completely dry up and start to fade. Last night I ate some burger king and some chef-boyardee and I can feel a new zit forming on my forehead as well as darker red marks (for some reason). -ItsElectric
  3. You and I are having very similar experiences. I find that if I keep my face washed and don't let it get too "dirty" throughout the day, the jawline and chin marks almost completely fade, though, they come back whenever I apply the neo.
  4. wow youre 7/21 pictures look pretty impressive.....how long have you been using the vitamin a? ←
  5. Check out my image gallery in my sig, I'm currently using both neosporin and topical vitamin A.
  6. I think all the advice is NOT to take it internally, it's far too high a dose and could be dangerous. ←
  7. Personally I put a drop under my tongue and put a dime-sized portion all over my face. Doing this and spot treating with Neosporin has definately given me an improvement.
  8. I just want to add that I recieved my Provon medicated lotion soap today and I seem to already notice a difference after using it only 3 times. I use it once in the morning, once mid-day and lastly in the shower. Thanks for posting this because it really seems to help and doesn't leave my face oily or dry.
  9. After experimenting with B5 and the regimen in the past, I thought I had finally grown out of acne. I was almost completely clear for about 3 weeks or so, but now it's back. So I was just wondering if it's ok to use bp and emu oil at night only, and if so which do I put on first? Also, do I want 100% pure emu oil, or a mix? Thanks, -ItsElectric