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  1. joooe

    New pimples everyday after months clear! Help!

    What kind of treatment did you have? Just some experience sharing, I've taken roaccutane for more than one year to kill my adult acne (which happened in my 31 with no reason). I've got some redness or small pimples close after the end of treatment but zinc really helps me on that. I'm taking zinc supplement (around 25-35 mg) everyday after meal and I've completely get rid of acne. My skin also improve after taking vitamin C (around 500mg) per day. I also heard roaccutane works for people ha
  2. Sometimes I think it's a payback of my previous evil living style. I used to sleep really late, due to my work and also my habit for ages. Had only 2 to 3 glasses of water daily. Ate any rubbish I wanted and ate a lot. Almost zero exercise. Lazy as hell, bought my second hand skateboard at a really tempting price almost one year ago but just used it once. But I was health enough and even ppl told me that I was too active sometimes. I thought I was just lucky. Acne did bring me unexpectedly no
  3. Before joining the club Now I'm 31, recalling my whole time of teen years, I never had more than 2 or 3 pimples on my face at the same time. I'm not saying my face was perfect. What worried me was dryness of my face and I've never experienced any big skin problem even under great pressure, sleeping late, junk food or a list of bad living habits. Even I had to work overnight for many nights since a few years ago, only 2 or 3 appeared and it never was a matter in my mind ---- until 4 months ago