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  1. No I never had them before. Any ideas? I have an appt with my derm tomorrow.....ughhhhh and go figure my skin looks its best before I go see her lol. So I probably won't get a second course.
  2. Hi, I used to write on here all the time throughout my accutane adventure as well as when I finished. I was very happy with my results but about 6 months post tane my acne is back. It's not huge horrible enflamed pimpes like I used to get, but little ones under the skin that never come to a head, and a bunch of tiny oil filled ones around my nose! I'm on differin gel and finacea. I am going to my derm on Monday and haven't see her in over two months so I'm sure she'll notice my acne has come bac
  3. There is nothing--NOTHING--wrong with getting a few spots. It is perfectly normal. If you are getting freaked out about it, then I suggestion you redefine priorities and standards. Good luck! OUCH a little harsh?! I know a few spots after having perfectly clear skin can be somewhat discouraging but relax, it is not a tell tale sign your acne will come back full blown like it started. I get a few spots here and there for the past few months but nothing like before. I tanned the whole time I
  4. Hey! I had mild/moderate acne. One derm wouldnt give me tane and finally after 6 years I switched to a new one and she said I could, not because of the severity but because we had tried EVERYTHING else. Read the last thread I posted it explains my whole time on tane. Go for it! I had very mild side effects and they were all worth it. I know some people arent as lucky as I was sife effects wise but it made such a big difference in my life...about an hour less to get ready every morning lol. I don
  5. Hey everyone. About a year ago I was debating whether or not to go on accutane. With all the crazy side effects I read about on here and on other websites I was so paranoid I almost didnt do it. TO MAKE A VERY LONG STORY SHORTer: I had mild-moderate acne...I thought it was worse but comparing to picture on here it wasnt that bad. I started accutane in march 2007, ended sep 2007, 6 month course. First month 40mg a day, second month 60mg a day, 3-6 month 40mg twice a day. The first 2-3 months wer
  6. Hey I had nightmares every night for the whole first month of tane and then they slowly subsidded to like once a month....pretty regular now. Mine were really scary to and very vivid....firend and family dying, id wake up in panic, fall back asleep and then id be at their funeral...it was crazy, but i never developed depression.
  7. I have these dark brownish bruise looking spots ALL over my arms....I had one for the past month or 2 and now I noticed they're all over my upper arms....they look like bruises, it's gross, and I'm pretty tane and their still noticable... Anyone have any ideas?
  8. I was soooo skeptical and worried when starting. Through the first 2 months I was in tears at how bad my skin had become. I started with mild-moderate, i felt like it went to moderate, almost severe...i broke out bad. I wanted to quit. I was on this site everyday...with support and encouragment from people on this site i stuck it out. I'm about 13 weeks in and my skin is starting to clear up good (knock on wood) I love it. I have maybe 2 or 3 new pimples a week..when it used to be that many a da
  9. i peel my lips all the time lol...its only the top layer of skin nothing that hurts or messes up my lips though but i feel like i can peel them 10x a day....i use carmex, tried aquaphor and others but found carmex works the best for me... you're not alone
  10. i'm about 3 months one week in and i have mostly experience face sensitivity...at the very beginning like first 2 weeks all of me was a little sensitive but that was in a tanning booth for the max amount of time...i started going a little less and worked my way back up and noe im fine. I've always tanned well though, and my face has always, even before tane, been more sensitive, but now its crazy just get the higest spf you can find and wear a hate or something. good luck!