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  1. This is correct. To the original poster: isotretinoin is contraindicated (NOT indicated) for use in patients with "mood" disorders. While social anxiety isn't technically a mood disorder, it is close enough that the nurse should have most likely NOT prescribed isotretinoin for you. In any case, the actual medications you are on do not, as far as anyone knows, interact with the isotretinoin. thanks for the responses the doctor didnt even ask me if i was on any other medictions. ive bee
  2. i just got prescribed a second course of accutane. i also was prescribed clonazepam and zoloft for social anxiety from another doctor. is there any complications between these medicines? i didnt get a chance to tell the derm im starting these two meds b/c the nurse or assistant or whatever was the one who got all the accutane stuff squared away. i asked her and she told me it was fine but i just want to make sure. anyone ever take these meds for social anxiety?
  3. mine is coming back too thought my scars were bad enough guess im gonna get even more
  4. i guess i'd just trust your doctor. im 64 kg and i was on 80 mg/day from day one. i thought it was too high but it worked perfectly.
  5. i've been on accutane for 3 months. when i went up for the monthly appointment the derm said this would be my last month b/c my acne has responded well. so ill have only been on accutane for a total of 4 months, and she said about 80% of people only go for 4 months. i was expecting to go be on accutane for 5-6 months however b/c i heard that's the normal range. i'm 145 pounds, 5'9, and have taken 80 mg/day for my whole course. do you guys think i will have been on the accutane long enough?
  6. well summer is here which means in a couple months ill be done with accutane! im going to prolly not go out much until the acne goes away so that means i have alot of free time well anyways i found this fun RPG web based game online to pass the time and just thought i'd tell you guys in case you were super bored like i've been lately. its kind of slow at first but it gets addicting especially if you join a gang and they help you out. http://www.lostpower.com/game/register.php?REF=2862 if w
  7. i switched from clarvaris to amnesteen....clarvaris seemed to work better
  8. my body temperature seems to change really fast while on accutane. the other day i was in my room and was freezing. i went outside to go to class and by the time i got there i was sweating like crazy. after a little while in class i got really cold again. then i went home and when i got home i was sweating like crazy again. after 20 minutes i was freezing.
  9. you're right life could be so perfect if it was perfect
  10. so its not uncommon for this to happen when switching brands? why would that be if they have the same amount of accutane?
  11. alright but it seriously feels like i just stopped taking accutane....the rashes on my forearm/hands went away too. i miss those rashes, made me feel like accutane was doing something
  12. i was on clarvaris for a month and it worked perfectly. the oil was pretty much gone. i could go the whole day and my face wouldnt get shiny and if i felt my face it didnt feel oily. for the second month the pharmacy gave me amnesteen and im oily again....if i feel my face a layer of oil comes off. i thought they were the same?