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  1. hey! The spots are gone - i have 4 hyper- pigmentation (i think thats the term) - basically just red spots that have shown up since the laser but i dont know if its related. And I absolutely do not see a difference, whats so ever. AND the derm even said that any change to my skin is due to the subcisions i had prior to the co2 so honestly, i wouldnt recommend it from my personal experience... Subcisions yes, maybe fraxel as I have only HEARD it works great... but I will never do a CO2 again.
  2. So I think its time I tell my acne.org friends that im going to have a baby we are 15 weeks right now - so please send lots of prayers this way for a happy and healthy baby come December. I will not be doing any treatments to my scars for a while now - and as much as I want to be clear of these not so beautiful things, its now time I focus on something incredible and look past my insecurities. I read an article this morning that i posted on facebook called "When your mother says s
  3. Im not currently on anything because... IM HAVING A BABY 15 weeks right now! Cant believe it and im afraid to even type this but so far, just tiny pimples here and there and no cystic acne at all.... (please god dont let it happen now that I admitted it hahaha) I use Fineaca Cream http://www.myfinacea.com/en/home.php and Glycolic Acid facewash once a day (Cetaphil the other times i wash) right now as my regimen Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!
  4. My blackheads went completely away - my skin was so "pretty" as far as the texture and the color during accutane but as soon as you stop and the oil comes back, so does the blackheads.... i wish there was an easy cure for them, especially if that is all you have to deal with!
  5. You are so right - Conformity isnt so great!!!!! You have a look that sets you apart from everyone else. Dont question your unique beauty, find a way to get to a place within yourself where you can embrace it!! It will take time but you WILL get there. Today, your first step was to write this post and get feedback from this community that GETS YOU... that was a huge step FORWARD. Keep moving in that direction and when the negative thoughts get the best of you, go to a playground and sw
  6. okay lovely, I have some words for you... If you got a nose job, you wouldnt look unique in this beautiful, kind of exotic way that you do... If you got a nose job, you would look ordinary and like other girls and that might be what you think you need right now but trust me, having a unique look like you do is so so so much better than being, ordinary. You have qualities about you ALOT of girls would LOVE to have.. you have an amazing skin tone, beautiful hair and I really love your nos
  7. hey everyone quick update... I went to take photos of my skin in the same lighting, at the same place, etc of the original photos the last time i was in my office (i work remotely so its not often) and I decided i couldnt do it... I didnt want to see it, I wasnt at a place in my workday that I could allow myself to get depressed so I decided against it... it took a lot of courage to do that as im not normally the person who is strong enough to just move forward and not dwell on this "issue
  8. Im sorry I havent updated but I hate always being a debbie downer so I hesitate to add info when all I have to say is negative But here we go... Im having a hard day today - well year it sometimes feels like.... I am really struggling with this... I honestly feel like the laser did more damage than good but i cant seem to see it in photos, i just feel it when i actually look at my self in the mirror. Yesterday, I went to dinner with my sister and I decided to finally wear my conta
  9. let us know how it goes!!! Thinking of you!
  10. okay so here is a photo , hopefully showing you all, what i mean when I say, I think the laser burned my skin... Im hoping, someone on here, had the same type of healing process that you are seeing here on the photo on the right... as you can tell, in the left hand photo, a photo i took during the subscision healing process, I do not have specific marking in my skin, just indents here and there and the bruising from the subscision... in the photo on the right, in multiple places (where the l
  11. How are you doing this week?! Thinking of you!
  12. stick your course out - smile at your little one - appreciate your girl - and remember why we have this chance to do right in this world - You have a purpose now, you are a dad... and that responsibility is one you gotta hold on tight to and enjoy the ride. You have a little person, innocent, sheltered little person that wants nothing more in this life than to be close to her mom and dad... dont look in mirrors, they only make you frustrated - dont look in car reflections - or car mirrors or
  13. Okay Pete - I want to talk to ya... Let me first start with, your skin looks very healthy and you are super cute and I would think twice before starting the scar treatment process... I know thats not what you want to hear but take it from someone who also has scarring and thinks its the end of the world... it looks really good. Things to think about before you jump into scar treatments... do you like your skin texture (minus the scars you see in certain lighting?) If you do, be prep