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  1. Has anyone seen a pattern with milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, ect consumption and their acne??? I came to this board months ago and have improved my acne with the elimination of processed food (sugar, white flour) and eating fruits and vegetables and almonds. I now am backing away from red meats and trying to eat more fish as discussed in Dr Perriconne's book The Acne Prescription which I still haven't finished reading but the menus at the end tell you what to eat. I found this today on milk
  2. Ok, I read all your posts and bought the book. ( I haven't read it yet but skimming the diet part I see that it's a diet to control your hormones too) I found this picture (scroll down) at the bottom of the link. It's incredible. If my scars faded that much I would be a happy! http://www.ebodytreatments.com/nvperricone.asp
  3. Sign me up for that law suit too! I started using it like Nov 22, 03 and stopped beginning of January I think. I got 13 cysts. Many never came up but I have to give Dan's regimen the credit for that. Clusters under my skin that hurt like hell and guess what, I'm still recovering from the experience. 4 weeks into Dan's plan now and I think and I have a mega cyst almost the size of a QUARTER that has taken 3 days of warm compresses to calm it down and I may have to get that cortisone shot too bu
  4. Didn't this hurt like fire!? Aaaah, Hooooow in the world did you live through this?
  5. The on the spot treatment is the only thing in the system that works and works well. The rest of it broke me out like crazy weeks later. The on the spot treatment would be worth buying if they sell it by itself and I don't know if they do. I would return the empty tube and the full bottles of the rest of the stuff within the 60 day timeframe they give and get my money back. I'm so sorry that I ever tried it. I've been on Dan's regimen for 23 days and I'm still not right from that crap c
  6. Since you are tight on money, I would try Botchla's routine which is listed on the over-the-counter-med forum. Here's the link http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...21562c2b5befd12 And I would start reading all you can on this board on a fairly regular basis so that you can tweak the regimen to suit your needs. Good Luck!
  7. Murad-Acne Line does not work and will mess up your face bad.
  8. You know what, I misunderstood and if it's working for you great but now I have a question about your regimen. >>>I'm using Cetaphil leave in, no rinse - waiting 5-15 minutes - using 5 Benzagel BP 5% rinsing it off - waiting 5-15 minutes - applying SoluLotion or something like that with BP 4% <<<< Are you saying you are using the cetaphil wash without water and leaving it on your face then washing it off with Benzagel BP 5%(Is that a wash too?) then letting your moisturiz
  9. The products I recommended have aloe which hydrate and help heal the skin. Since you only have 2 days, I'd also find some aloe gel that is mostly aloe and not anything else. I don't have a brand name for this. Sorry. The BP, start again with just 1 finger but don't stop.
  10. I'm on my 4th week on Dan's Regimen and I can tell you from my very limited experience that the wash with the BP Dan recommends in the beginning is going to be way to much BP and you will be dry and very flaky very soon. You can work that wash in weeks later after your skin adjusts to the BP. Just use good judgement. Dry skin will make your skin produce more oil which will lead to more break-outs. Start slow.
  11. I'm not an expert (starting the 4th week) but I figured out a way to keep my skin from drying up so much while it's getting used to the regimen and I do the regimen 2x a day. I started with the cetaphil wash but quickly switched to Burt's Bees Wild Lettuce complexion soap for dry and sensitive skin( It's 96% all natural with aloe and wild lettuce). Don't over wash and dry your skin quickly like someone else said. I then exfoliate. I used Burt's Bees rosewater and Glycerin toner(it also h
  12. Thank you very much for posting this product. I'm so glad that I backed up to the last pages of this board to find your post. I was going to make my own version by buying and mixing it up myself. Now, I don't have to and I can try it with a fraction of the cost. Wow!!! Organic Aloe Vera- Anti Inflammatory and pain relieving Witch Hazel- Astringent, anti-inflammatory Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa)-Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,anti-microbial,Antiviral Peppermint Oil-Puri
  13. I used Youthful Essense micro and it broke me out although I was using it with Murad but still those crystals are too tiny. I don't trust them. I think my pores got clogged. I ended up with cystic acne all over the place. I dropped both products.
  14. I would stop the taping and micro and aloe vera and just use Nivea Visagealcohol free moisturizing toner with aloe and chamomile. I'm on Dan's routine now for 3 weeks and might end up adding Bothla's to it like you did but I have to wait because I'm oily and it's drying me out tremendously. Burts Bees rosewater has aloe in it too. I get about 2 round cotton facial disks(both sides) of dead flakes off my face 2 x a day with this product. I can't believe that a product without alcohol can