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  1. try using Eucerine daily replenishment lotion, its the best i think. comes in a big ass bottle and pretty cheap. put it on right after u get out of the shower
  2. im growin out of mine pretty nicely, as u can see in the picture. it just takes time so be patient
  3. yea but the chances of me winning a case against a fuckin cop are so small
  4. but life is kickin my ass hardcore man i just got two traffic tickets this week and im in deep shit, no money no help from parents. im tryin so fuckin hard to stay happy man, this is like the worst week of my life. wednesday i was driving these two girls home with my friend and i flipped off a cop cuz i didnt know it was a cop tailgating me. im a stupid idiot and i know it. he gave me just a provisional license violation. then last nite iwas coming home from a party at my college, cuz there
  5. dont get hurt man, thats how it always starts with me and then i get fucked over. best bet is not to get too attached and see how things go. just an advice so u dont get fucked over
  6. it all depends on the person, just take it easy with the BP especially if ur using 5% or 10%. and then ull see how well ur skin takes it. just follow dans instructions. everyones skin is different ya know
  7. noooo thats a different form of peroxide. u can buy hydrogen peroxide at any pharmacy, walmart, anywhere. just b careful
  8. ud only still hit it cuz its britney spears, i see girls 100 times hotter than her every single day
  9. yea make that ho play hard to get, instead of bein all easy like the last time
  10. partially right, its all good. or should i say vse horosho?
  11. yea i like C&C blackhead scrub its got nice exfoliation action to it and the SA works well with it. its also good to follow it up with BP especially before goin to bed. the only thing i dont like about it is the dumbass microbeads, they should have made it with the ones that dissolve. other than that its good
  12. yea wtf dont just let that go, at least flip and shit and call him an asshole. come on dude stand up for yourself