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  1. I'm in my last stage of accutane. I've been using neutrogena anti-wrinkle cream and anti-wrinkle/anti-blemish cream consistently throughout the process and I think these products have really reduced my redmarks. They're still somewhat noticeable, just really faint. I have done chemical peels before and they are pretty hardcore. I would avoid them until the 6 months after finally stopping accutane are up. Until then, definitely check out those neutrogena products. Remember, it's a process. Goo
  2. When I was still using BP as my main treatment I also alternated between Dan's, and the Neutrogena on the spot. I first started out with the neutrogena and when I switched over to Dan's I felt like it didn't keep me as clear. After alternating a lot between the two, my skin began responding to the gel like it did with the Neutrogena. If you're clear right now with the on the spot I would just stick with that. That's the goal isn't it?? Good luck!
  3. Just finished my third week of this regimen. My skin is looking pretty good. I'm still purging, but its not that bad. I had a recent bout with massive dryness and flakes so I left the benzoyl peroxide off for a day. I am a little red but feeling good again.
  4. Into the third week on retinoids! My skin is looking really good. I'm holding off on adding the BHAs back in for now and I'm just using the green cream at night. The benzoyl peroxide in the morning seems to be curbing the violence of my pore purging, too. I've kept the Mary Kay products in my regimen and my skin is so soft! My forehead is completely clear with just a few congested comedones and my cheeks are mostly leftover redmarks, very few active pimples. I've got one little weird bump t
  5. marais


    I had the v-beam laser done on a bunch of my scars. It actually worked pretty well for me, after just one treatment even. I have very fair pinky skin, btw. Of course, then the breakouts came back...grrr. If you do decide on it just be warned that it hurts really bad.
  6. My face looks so good this morning! I've still got some pimples and I can see some clogged pores around but the redness has really gone down and my existing zits are shrinking. Yesterday I ended up putting BP all over in a thin layer followed by some emu oil. I guess it worked, so I'll do that again today. I also used green cream last night after a two day break. I also got a cute new shorter haircut so I have something to distract me from my face when I look in the mirror, at least for now
  7. Happy Thursday...(aka the new Friday!) After giving my skin a little break from the green cream it's considerably less red. My forhead especially was a little dry and uncomfortable and now it's a lot improved. I think I'm going to try leaving out cleansing, or at least cut down from 2x a day to once- at night. So, this morning I'm going to have a bit of a tepid splash followed with my bha and then emu. One thing about the cleansing is that I'm never sure if I need to wash my face or not
  8. Ok - I've been applying the green cream every night. I guess I'll take a couple nights off...just using emu oil maybe? at least for tonight that's my plan. It's frustrating, I've been seeing some great improvement in my face...I just don't want to be a strawberry from too much and I don't want to have a faceful of zits from not enough! *breathe*
  9. I'm into my second week of my new approach: Gentle cleansing with cetaphil bar (hardly any suds at all), BHAs, and Green Cream level 6 followed with some emu oil. I'm so tired of this on again off again acne. It really took the worst breakout I've ever had to scare me into truly picking out a planned regime and sticking with it. My acne is genetic, my mom had acne and my dad is the oiliest creature that ever was. I'm not too fond of the massive redness that I get with the GC, but it's cleari