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  1. I've actually used neosporin for active pimples before and it does seem to help reduce the size of them (especially with those nasty pustule-type). Just make sure you don't use neosporin on a regular basis. It does dry out your skin and irritate it (itchiness) if you overdo it. Just use the neosporin as a back up for when your regular acne medication runs out.
  2. Yes. I actually bought this product a week ago. I friggen LOVE it. It works great and I've noticed a DRAMATIC decrease in my breakouts and my skin just looks overall beautiful. I also like the cucumber scent of it, due to the cucumber extract in it. It's nice and soothing.
  3. I'll be one of the few people on here who will tell you to go with the bareMinerals mmu by Bare Escentuals. I absolutely love their mmu. It has had no bad side effects with me--no itchiness or redness or breakouts whatsoever. *shrug* To each their own, right? If you go into a Sephora the people there can match it to your skin tone. It's kind of hard, otherwise, just by looking at the box to decide which color to go with it. And for $60, you actually do get PLENTY of makeup. I've had mine since
  4. I've used those patches before once. For me, they didn't remove ANY of my blackheads from my nose. I don't know if I didn't leave the patch on long enough, or if my blackheads were just there for too long that they hardened up big time (beautiful mental image, I know... haha)... but yeah, I didn't see anything left over on the patch after I ripped it off. *shrug*
  5. That's awesome. Yeah, I nixed coffee completely because I noticed that my face was looking TERRIBLE from it all. I mean, I was going to Starbucks 3x/week. Not to mention, also drinking coffee from my own espresso machine. It was all bad. As soon as I started to drink just water alone my face cleared up super fast. I saw a difference in only a week of drinking 3-4 bottles of water a day. And I didn't have any breakouts. It's still that way. But you're absolutely right. It does go beyond just
  6. Actually, 100% whole wheat bread is the best choice out there when it comes to bread. White bread is processed, which means it's not in its natural state for your body to process quickly and efficiently. Wheat bread, on the other hand, is loaded with fiber which helps the digestive process tenfold and isn't refined. In a perfect world, people should stay away from raised bread completely and stick with flat breads or pitas... but wheat bread is definitely the better choice of raised breads. &
  7. lol i never get the chips. i get ice tea and macadamian cookies. Chips??? Are you referring to fries? Cause they don't sell fries at subway here lol.
  8. skin is pretty good at repairing itself. it will take a long time, but i'm sure the mark isn't permanent.
  9. hahaha. my bad. i'm used to using 100 as my "example weight". okay, here are the CORRECT mathematical calculations... teehee. 120/2 = 60 lbs --> 60 oz. water/day (so that's roughly 4 bottles of water and then some)
  10. This is a post for all of those people who weren't aware of this. To help flush out toxins from your body that may cause acne, you should drink a MINIMUM of half of your weight in ounces of water. I've nixed all types of other drinks (except tea--I'll have that on occasion) and have been drinking water only for 3 months straight and it has DEFINITELY helped with the acne problem. I haven't had a major bad breakout in a LONG time. I'm impressed. Here's an example of the calculation for someone
  11. I don't think that frozen fruits are bad compared to fresh fruits. Just check the sugar content to make sure it's nothing outrageous due to the company adding extra sugar for flavor. Frozen fruit is usually cheaper than fresh. *shrug*
  12. lol i never get the chips. i get ice tea and macadamian cookies.