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  1. Hello again! Spiro is still being good to me so i'm thinking about starting to wean off the doxy. What's the best way to do this? I would just go see my doc but i got new insurance and it's a hefty copay so i'd rather just try and do it on my own. the last time i saw my doc he told me when i was ready to start by taking it once a day (I'm currently taking it twice a day). how long do i do that for - a few weeks, a few months? and they do i take it every other day or just stop? how long should th
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I think i am going to start weaning myself after the holidays...don't want to take any chances! i'll keep you all posted.
  3. Hi! I've been on Spiro for just about 5 months and it's been amazing! I'm also on doxycycline which i've taken for 7 months. It wasn't until i started spiro that my face changed dramatically. Now, my doctor and I would like for me to come off the antibiotic. I definately want to but i'm scared to change anything. I still get an occasional surface pimple (and the rare white head) which go away in a couple days. i guess i'm scared that if i go off the antibiotic, these tiny tiny surface pimples w
  4. Thanks, Peachy and everyone for your insights! i don't know if i can wait it out though. i'd rather just give the spiro a try and pary that it helps. the last 6months or so have been really hard on me. i'm having a terrible time coping with my acne and i think it's because i've finally realized i'm not going to grow out of it anytime soon and i just want to to find something that works long term so i can start living my life again! So i'm still considering the spiro. I'm just really worried tha
  5. Thanks again, Peachy! Sorry to be such a pain with all these questions i'm just trying to decide what to do with all these options. how long did the doxy/retin-a/bcp work for you? (by the way, what bcp are you on and are you still on it with the spiro?) why did you decide to go on spiro? was the mino not working for you? also, are you on any topicals? Thanks for your help! i may give it until the end of the month and then go from there. Yes-- I'm on Spiro now, and have been for about 6 month
  6. Thanks, Peachy! you're on spiro now, right? how long did it take to see results? and did you get an initial breakout? are you still on doxy and retin-a? i woke up this morning with a couple larger pimples...nothing bad but it sucks to deal with after my face was so clear this weekend. I just can't decide if i should stick it out a little loner or try the spiro! oh, my doc told me to start with 75 mg then if i needed up it to 100. Thanks again!
  7. so i had a derm appointment last week and he gave me a prescription for spiro but now i'm scared to death to start using it. i've been on doxy for 6 weeks and retin-a micro for 4 weeks and things are much better than they were a couple months ago. i'm still getting pimples but they are a lot smaller and hardly noticeable. of course i would love to be clearer but i'm ok with how things are right now at this point. i'm afraid that if i add the spiro it might disrupt something or make things worse
  8. Avenly, THanks for your story. Can i ask you a couple questions about your experience? did you get an initial breakout? i'm sooo scared about this. i just don't think i can handle more acne at this point! also, what kind of acne did you have? was it just on your chin and jawline. mine is concentrated in that area but i also get occasional pimples everywhere else. I have very oily skin but i don't have excess hair or anything. did you have other symptoms of androgen disorder? my doctor prescri
  9. Hi! I'm on doxy right now and thinking about trying spiro. I've also been on yasmin for 4 months. How long did it take for you to see results with the doxy? i've only been on it a month and i'm still breaking out regularly. I really want to try spiro since nothing else has worked for me! keep me posted on your experience! Good luck!
  10. For all you girls who have had success with spiro, what was your acne like before? all the doctors who i'v asked about spiro say they prescribe it but usually only if the acne is on the chin and jawline or corresponds with the menstrual cycle or if there are other signs of excess androgens such has facial/body hair. I get pimples all over my face not just my chin and jawline and it happens at anytime during my cycle. i also don't have excess facial or body hair. I do have really oily skin thou
  11. Hi Marty - you have been through so much, just relax and enjoy whatever success you are having. It is probably all working together for you. You are about at the point with the Yasmin where you are supposed to see results. My daughter got some results with Doryx within the first month and dramatic stuff with the hormonal tretment after 4 months. She is still on Doryx cause she thinks it is helping and doesn't want to jinx anything. The dramatic changes came with the Yasmin and spiro though.
  12. How is everyone doing on Yasmin? I started my 4th pack about 2 weeks ago. I also started doxy around the same time. How long does it take for antibiotics to start working? I've been doing so much better the last 2 weeks so I don't know if the yasmin is finally kicking in or if it's the doxy. I just wonder bc my doctor told me to give it at least a month to see results from the antibiotic but it just seems like too much of a coincidence that i started to clear up as soon as I started the doxy.
  13. Gongas, I want to try sprio so bad. I've been researching it so much. I've been on accutane 3 times and i don't really want to do it again. it works but after awhile the acne always comes back in less than a year. after my last accutane course i was able to keep my acne under control for a year and a half being on orthotricyclen and differin but then i stopped the differin and switched to yasmin and my acne went crazy. did the orthotricyclen help on it's own at all? about 2 weeks ago my docoto
  14. I can totally relate! I just started my 4th pack and i feel a big one coming on my chin. just when i think my face is getting better, i break out again and it's been this way for 3 months! i just started doxy because i couldn't take it anymore!
  15. I'm halfway through my 3rd month and i'm not really seeing dramatic improvements. Whenever i think it's starting to get better, i break out again. like two days ago, i was looking pretty good, but then yesterday i broke out with a handful of little ones. i have a feeling this isn't going to work for me. i still have a couple more weeks until the alledged "miracle" 3 month mark. hopefully, this is still my body adjusting and i'll start to clear in the 4th month. Does anyone have any experiences s