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  1. well. this is the end of my first month and ive been taking 40mg a day. i weigh about 185. I still get pimples, Im hoping that he up my dose next visit.
  2. i tried it.. didnt work out for me. on the tane now.
  3. i think its an over rated holiday designed to make men spend money. Sure, I get presents but nothing like what girls get. eh. speaking of.. the gf is getting flowers, candy and a teddy bear.
  4. my derm perscribed the generic. he said he has had better success with it.
  5. i think you should be glad. it might cure you forever
  6. mardi gras party? from the new orleans area? same here. started accutane last monday. My dosage is 1 40mg pill a day.
  7. M.Lance

    7 days into amnesteem

    amnesteem 40mg once a day
  8. From the album: 7 days into amnesteem

    and me. Im 23, been struggling with acne since I was 13 or so. I think most of this acne has been from stress from work and maybe running alot more.
  9. working out probaly makes it worse due to sweating. i quit playing baskbetall because of my acne :( yea. i think i might reduce my running. There goes the six pack for summer thoughts.
  10. i have this problem. I usually try and not touch my face, but when im stressed out i usually feel my face. then it leads to me picking at pimples. trying hard not to do so and I think im progressing
  11. thanks for the welcome. I really hope this clears. I just really blame it on stress from work and not getting enough sleep. Even when I was a student, I didnt get it this bad. I work out a good bit, I just hope I dont get joint pain.
  12. Its recommended that you do not drink while on accutane. But, I think if you pace yourself and don't get hammered, you should be ok.
  13. not too sure why the derm would take you off. Most probably a test showed something that concerned him/her.
  14. Hey all, This is my first post on here. I am 23 years old and I have been suffering from acne since I was probably about 13. I dont think I have ever had breakouts this bad. I have attributed most of this acne to stress from work and my increased running. I started new job that has put some deadlines on me. I've been trying to cut up and lose some weight and try to get a six pack, so I've been running probably 3miles 5 days aweek. I am 5'8" 180lbs and my derm has me taking 1 40mg capsul
  15. From the album: 7 days into amnesteem

    Left side neck. This is the area of most concern for me.
  16. From the album: 7 days into amnesteem

    Right Cheek and neck. not as bad as the other side.
  17. From the album: 7 days into amnesteem

    Neck. I've never really broken out on my neck until now.
  18. From the album: 7 days into amnesteem

    Left Cheek and neck. I'm really hoping this clears up. My face feels less oily and my lips are starting to chap.