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  1. TenderCosmo

    Acne.org tips

    Some tips for using the regimen that I have found thus far: Firstly- the key is to follow what Dan says and not just use the products how you've always used acne products if you want it to actually work. 1) For me, the thick layer of benzoyl all being applied and lightly smeared and then the thick lotion being applied and smeared lightly (after the benzoyl dried of course) made me feel really sticky and goopy like I had a thick layer of stuff on my face. So to help with this I applied (still
  2. Forehead bumps gone!

    I never ever write reviews but I made an account for this site just to give my input. When i first heard about acne.org I thought it was some kind of hoax because the name itself sounds like a scam and I heard about it from a youtube video and once i looked into it everyone was saying how it was a miracle and i thought it was way too good to be true and must be some sort of promotional scam thing. But I was wrong! I have literally no affiliation whatsoever with acne.org or anything I just saw it
  3. TenderCosmo

    Works good BUT....

    Works good BUT....

    I was on spiro for about a year last year and then a few months again this year. The first time I took it I was soo happy and amazed. I cleared up all of my big pimples on my cheeks and forehead and the only side effect I noticed was that the first few weeks I felt kind of light headed but that went away. However, I also experienced some really bad dry mouth which started to really bug me (still not 100% sure it was from this but I think it was). My other problem was that it did not clear up the