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  1. Your face is clear. I wish my face will soon be like that... Which will take years...
  2. Ah... I wish I was you or something.. When one of my pimple goes away another would appear... I'm never totally clear >.<...Why did I inherited pimples? Lols=[ Why can't we all have clear skin? Why is the world so complicated.. Oh wels it's all good I guess...
  3. The term is called 'change blindness'... Anyways... I guess not everyone has perfect skin
  4. ^^ You should.. If my face suddenly start clearing I would scream of joy =D
  5. Don't worry, soon you will find someone if your personality shines through =).. People with extreme irregular face / w.e (on discovery channel n TLC), have kids! So you should be able to find someone.. I tell my bf I'm ugly but he says I'm not and he doesn't care (=
  6. I will tell my sister to buy the vinegar and try the procedure with me. I have scars and blemishes and so does she, so I hope this helps =D.. Thank you
  7. God, I wanted to look pretty tomorrow for valentines day but i have a big red pimple/red mark on my NOSE!! SMACK DAB in the middle!! =[
  8. -when you look somewhere else everytime someone comes -when you don't look them into the eyes or even at them when ya talk ^I was avoiding my friend's eyes today when she talked to me..
  9. I remember in 7th grade I would hide like half of my face... Like my hair would cover it and my friends would be like "twee I can't see your facee!" or something like that. I know my friends doesn't care but I do. I look at beautiful people and be like "wooow" the first thing I see is their skin. I want to feel beautiful and to me, feeling beautiful is simply just clear skin. It's not that my nose too big or anything, its the pimple thats hiding my face. & in my head I'm thinking... If I had
  10. I don't cry... But sometimes when I am alone and I stare at my face I do.. But rarely and I pray for my pimples and meany blemishes to go away.. I just don't get why I had inherited this!! WHY MEEE =[ hah... Two of my sister is mostly clear... My other sister and I are the one thats constantly having pimples =[.. It's not super bad for me. But I still get sad about it..
  11. ^ Yes I totally agree. But people do say things like that infront of people who has alot of pimples. They might not mean it or know how its affecting others but its just disliking..
  12. Nice progression!! You should take pictures of yourself on day one and compare it to recently and see if theres a big change
  13. Wheres the product ratings page?? & Thanks for the comment, I guess I will start using it again and try to be patient with it.
  14. Well I'm talking about those that have clear skin all their life with rarely any pimple. Like they have a pimple a month that eventually disappear soon. For most of us we struggle for months.. years.. and etc. With many pimples on our face...
  15. I'm vietnamese so I should be like white-ish but I'm dark because of tennis... Tan is nice and all but I have acne problems so I do tend to use foundation/brush/w.e but since its a lighter color then my skin right now it looks so weird.. I should stay out of the sun..
  16. I have acne and very oily face=(. But oil-absorbing sheets can help! But then the oilness just come back again =(... lols =/
  17. Well probably because you had suffered from acne before. But there are people that never had a problem with it and complain about one tiny pimple. I guess those who had experienced know how disastrous it is and is afraid and know it could get much worst. And to experiment it all over again, that would suck >.<
  18. When I looked into the big mirror in the bathroom today I looked okay at a fair distance. Then I looked at another mirror close up and was like.. Omg, my face is horriable =[. *sniff
  19. Ever so often I get jealous at those with clear skin. I'm usually looking at people's face and their skin and be like wow.... Unfortunately, for most of us, we suffer from acne. One thing I dislike is when a person with CLEAR skin suddenly have one tiny unnoticable pimple and be like "Omg, I have a pimple >.<!!" like right in front of me or whenever. They complain about one tiny pimple >.<!! Don't you hate that? I don't hate people for that I just dislike the fact that they complain
  20. I been using this on and off, for some reason I just kept quitting. Today I looked in the mirror and I felt so ugly. I'm only 15 and I had had acne for about 3 years. Its not severe but I do have pimples and lots of blemish and scar/marks. Out of all my friends, I think I have the most acne. So today I decided to use this acne medicine again and stumbled upon this site. I was wondering had anyone ever used this before?? How helpful was it and did you like it or see improvement?? It's 5% benzoyl