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  1. so im on month i think 3 and a half. but most my acne is gone but i scarredd horrriblyyyyyy. no idea it was gonna be that bad. aha im supposed to go on vacation in like july and i dont wanna have a scarred up face wen i go . so is there anythign wrong with getting the scar treament on your last month of accutane?as long as your clear?
  2. alright. so im on accutane. so of course. im turning hella white now. lol and so.. i guess ima do sumthing thats pretty homo and go to a sunless tanner at a tanning salon. im not going to go actual tanning.. just becouse accutane makes you burn to easily. what i wanna know is. will it look abnormal with acne? im waiting unless its pretty much gone. and just red spots. but will it maybe help cover the red spots? or will it just make it look blotchy and really akward?
  3. alright.. so wat i wanna know is.how long does it take for the red spots to start fading away. i know it varies.. but like. how long did it start taking yall? im on accutane right now. and im almost done with a month. still havent cleared up ALOT yet. but have had improvment. just the damn red marks. -.- help me out here.
  4. haha thanks ppl. wow this should be like alcoholics united or sumthing. aha but yeah, for the most part i only drink on fridays and saturdays.. since im still in school. and who said just do social.. thats all i do anywayys, i dont ever not drink when its just me and hard liquir.. yeah thats what i drink sumtimes.. but it tends to be more parties with beers like kegs and shit. so no worry about that. thanks for the replies though
  5. alright.. soo .. i started accutane bout 2 weeks ago from tommorow and i saw sumthing saying on you cant drink on accutane? i need to know if thats true. cuz i tend to drink alot.lol not good i know. but still. but what will it do to me if i tend to keep drinking? or just lower down on it, as in like maybe just once a week or sumthing
  6. lol alright ill look for it. ijust dont wanna be like orange and sh** then ppl be like wtf?!?! aha

    but wow a year and a half?i as hoping by the end of the summer, id be pretty much clear.ah oh well maybe the foundation is the only way.ha

    but do you know about sunless tanning?i was thinking about that

    but i dk if it would just make it blotchy and discolored

  7. There's only one thing to do then, get foundation that doesn't show! :) My hyperpigmentation lasted for about a year and a half :(. Foundation does help a lot, and believe it or not you can find good ones (there's a make-up forum here).

  8. lol thanks. but. it will be kinda hard to explain to why everyone that im wearing foundation.lol but anyways.

    how long do you think the hyperpigmentation spots will last?or how long did it last for you?