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  1. I have both Paula's Choice AHA and BHA gels. I use BP in the morning (only for spot treatment) and in the evening AHA or BHA (alternatively, not at the same time). Until I apply a moisturizer my face looks and feels very dry but once I moisturize it's fine, except for the extreme jawline (I have combined normal/oily skin and that area can become quite dry). I've only started using the BP for a few days on 4 large and painful zits but it seems to do nothing. Any ideas?
  2. I thought both acids are exfoliators but can anyone explain why AHA can be used with BP but Salicylic Acid can't because it's too irritating? Why is it more irritating than Glycolic Acid? Or is it the combination of the two that's irritating? I'm confused!
  3. I have mild acne and I often get pustules and I often pop them but then it occured to me... what if I don't pop it? What happens to the stuff underneath the skin (the white-ish stuff), is it gradually reabsorbed into the skin? Is it eliminated by some other means? Where does it go? And if you pop a zit and some white-ish stuff still remains in the pore (if you don't squeeze some stuff is bound to get stuck behind)? Does that mean it can become infected again in the future? I get some pustules
  4. Has anyone tried green tea capsules? (concentration of green tea extract is higher and would therefore be more potent). I ask because I wonder at the quality of teabag green tea. PS: do people still use this toner regularly? Does it still work?
  5. Thanks Ayla, that's very helpful. I've always hated my oily skin the way it shines like a bulb (in photos too). Do you use the Cetaphil moisturizer recommended by Dan? Is this what you mean by "noncomedogenic lotion" (e.g. the moisturizer step). What about applying sunscreen in the summer? I've had very mild vitiligo (around my lips) for years and I use very high sunscreen protection. Would the sunscreen (the noncomedogenic kind) affect the regimen in any way? PS: I'm ordering everything onl
  6. Hi, I'm 23 and have mild-moderate acne and I'm thinking of starting Dan's regimen but I have a few questions first: 1. I have very oily skin, especially on the forehead where I get most of my acne. I know the BP dries the skin excessively. Any idea how oily skin reacts to this? Does it become overly dry or does it remain oily with the skin producing additional sebum to counteract the BP effect? I'll be using the moisturizer as instructed. 2. Does the BP have a particular taste? Meaning, if af