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  1. Acne can better or worsen over time. My guess would be that your acne could be getting worse so you mihgt want to try using more bp from now on.
  2. If I am not mistaken, isnt Lysol carcinogenic? If not at least really bad to have skin contact with?
  3. I know exactly how you feel. I am in high school and a week befor school stated i began using bp twice a day, I didnt want to pile on a moisturizer because it would make my skin look incradibly oily, so I began using less and less amounts of bp twice a day. And now my face does not feel tight(or get flakes) I can put only a little on and have my face feel moistruized. My worst area is on my chin where I would usually get 1 or 2 spots a day but ever scince ive used bp twice a day there hasnt
  4. Most of them are labeled as non-comedogenic, I think I might want to try them
  5. I would try that and I do have jojoba oil, but my face will look to shiny during the day and i definately dont want that. This morning I applied cetaphil lotion before bp then applied the bp. My face actually began to get tight during the day which was probrably because I didnt use enough. But then again right now as I look in the mirror my face is so shiny! I think wat I may try doing is using more cetaphil(only at night) and then use complex 15 during the day till dans moisturizer comes
  6. First application this morning.....and it feels great! I didnt even have to moisturize my face again after applying bp. It feels good to have moisturizer on your face to protect it from harsh bp. Thanks cool as kim deal!
  7. I have been doing the regimen for roughly 6 months, and I am tired of having red,dry, flaky skin. For the past month, I have been slowly decreasing the wait time between applying bp and moisturizing. I have noticed that this not only doesnt seem to affect the clearness of my skin, but my skin becomes less dry and flaky. I got to the point where I would apply the bp on my face, neck, and back, and then immediatly apply moisturizer. This helped diminesh the dryness of my skin by a lot. Tomm
  8. hola127

    8oz. BP?

    I think an 8 oz. would be great.
  9. Judging by the way the skin feels, can you tell when it is the right time to apply moisturizer? In other words, is it ok(or has anyone been succesful) with applying the moisturizer when the skin feels grippy. Or is it better to wait till it feels dry to the touch.
  10. Do any of you think that maybe waiting to long to moisturize after applying the bp can cause flakiness? I am gonna wait till I get clear to tamper with that I think.
  11. Alright thanks for your help guys, I think I'm going to go with what you said melancholy molly and stick with a 1/3 for at least a month and see what happens.
  12. For the past two days I have upped from a pea sized amount(which I did for 3 weeks) to 1/3 a finger for generally the bottom half of my face. I woke up this morning with a bunch of flakes and was wondering if I should continue using 1/3 finger less often (once every 2 days because I only apply bp once a night now) or should I lower the dosage. Which would be better to reach maximum effectiveness in fighting acne? Any help is much appreciated.